Arkansas US House Candidate: “Sodomite Predators Are Grooming And Brainwashing Your Vulnerable Children”

The Insider reports:

US House hopeful Neil Kumar of Arkansas leaned into the nation’s culture wars hard on Thursday, seeding a fundraising appeal with homophobic attacks and apocalyptic imagery. The “LBGT Groomers Want Your Kids” email blast is straight from the MAGA culture wars playbook, portraying public schools as “psychological torture camps,” pedophilia as the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, and existing politicians as part of a systemic problem.

“Education has been replaced by the promotion of the depraved LGBT agenda, a Satanic attack on God and Nature,” Kumar wrote, adding that “sodomite predators are grooming, brainwashing, and mutilating our vulnerable children.” As for the term LGBT, which refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, Kumar wrote: “I call it LGBTP — the P is for pedophilia.”

The Northwest Arkansas Gazette reports:

The Republican Party of Arkansas’ executive committee announced Tuesday it won’t support Neil Kumar, a Republican, in his bid for the 3rd District congressional seat, adding it won’t endorse or defend “racist, bigoted, sexist or threatening language by any candidate.”

Kumar, 26, of Bentonville, announced in July his plans to challenge U.S. Rep. Steve Womack in the Republican primary for Congress. The primary election is May 24.

“Unlike those corporate-funded clowns, I’m running for Congress to fight for the people of Arkansas — not Walmart, not China, and not the D.C. special interests who are giving away the birthrights of heritage Americans,” he said.

In the video below, Kumar is interviewed on the podcast of the white supremacist group, American Renaissance.

In his Facebook profile photo, Kumar wears a Confederate tie and suspenders.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 5 hours ago

“Sodomite Predators Are Grooming And Brainwashing Your Vulnerable Children”

Literally two days ago:

Catholic diocese in New Jersey reaches $87.5M settlement with hundreds of sexual abuse victims

‘Til Tuesday 🌼 ☔️ 🌷 ☀️ • an hour ago

Once you start a purge of books it never ends. They’ll just keep finding more and more books to get rid of because the extremists will demand it. But, they’re getting away with it because they’re screaming the loudest, and sometimes it’s the only voice that principals and schools boards hear. Just the climate of fear alone will cause teachers, principals, and school boards to act.

teeveedub 🇺🇦 • 2 hours ago

“We want Florida parents to make decisions about what their children read.”


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