Police: Brutal Beating That Left Florida Gay Man Blind Came Because Victim Was Dating Family’s Son 

I have waited to post about this as I wanted to be sure what the real issues were.   The violent family’s lawyer has tried hard to muddy the water with attacks on the character of the victim.   This was a horrible attack that left the victim badly injured, afraid and from reports blinded all because the family found out that the adult younger son was having a secret sexual affair with the victim.   From what I have read prior the family forced the adult son that was having sex with the victim to accompany them to the victim’s home and help them get the victim to let them into his home and then injure, rob, and restrain / detain him.  All of this because the parents and older brother couldn’t stand the idea of the younger adult son have male with male sexual relations.   This is the results that come from the right-wing hate preaching about gay people, this is the results of don’t say gay talk about the LGBTQ+ are pedophiles that want to rape and sexualize children.   This shows clearly how dangerous this talk pushed on the right is.   

Miami’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Members of a Ukrainian refugee family appeared in a South Florida courtroom on Wednesday. That’s where they are facing hate crime and attempted murder charges for an alleged family ambush.

Police say Oleh Makarenko was in a nine-month homosexual relationship, which would end with his lover being beaten so badly by Makarenko’s family that the victim became blind. Authorities allege that Oleh Makarenko, who is also known as Alex, was being forced to marry a woman by his mother.

On Aug. 6, three members of the Makarenko family barged into the victims home, according to police. A police report stated that, “All four of the suspects continued holding him and began punching, kicking, and hitting him all over his face and body.”

Miami’s Fox News affiliate reports:

According to the arrest documents, 19-year-old Oleh Makarenko and the victim had been romantically involved for about nine months, but the victim said Oleh told him his father was not accepting him as gay.

After a two-week break in the relationship, on Aug. 6, the victim said he remotely opened his community’s gate believing it was a friend when it was actually the Makarenko family. The victim went outside but quickly went back into his apartment.

“There’s no indication that anything was said or done to show that they had specific intent to kill,” said public defender Katherine Lopez. “It seems like, based on my reading, that their probable cause for beating him was because of a relationship with a family member of theirs.”

In the non-embeddable video at the first link, the female fiance of the gay son denies everything because she has an engagement ring.


Will Cel • a day ago • edited

Evangelical groups in the U.S. have been, for at least a couple of decades, sponsoring immigration of a small subset of Ukraine’s population that is too extreme in its religious viewpoints to get along well with anyone else in Ukraine. They arrive as religious refugees and immediately join with their U.S. evangelical sponsors to try to impose their religious extremism on others. I don’t know if that is this family’s story, but their actions fit the profile. I have friends in Ukraine that I chat with every week, and I have no sense that the evangelical-sponsored religious refugees are at all typical of the Ukrainian population as a whole. In fact, that is why they leave Ukraine, because Ukraine isn’t oppressively religious enough for them.

‘Til Tuesday 🌼 ☔️ 🌷 ☀️ • a day ago

Let’s see how long it takes before a Christian legal group takes up their case and claims they’re being persecuted for their faith.

jayjonson • a day ago

I can just imagine the family’s defense to this awful crime: “[the victim] was grooming our child.” That should at least earn them pardons from De Santis.

Will ‘Til Tuesday 🌼 ☔️ 🌷 ☀️ • a day ago

Those are already close to the claims being made by their friends. They would have us believe that the family are falsely accused Christians who pray a lot.

“They are a Christian family, believers in God, members of the church and get together on the weekends to pray in their family circle and community.”

Interestingly, the arguments that their friends use for why they must be innocent, make me more likely to believe they are guilty.

discouragerofhesitancy • a day ago

This is as awful and inhuman as “honor killings” that take place around the world…usually driven by religious motives.

JWC • a day ago

Unfortunately way to many societies around the world are so brainwashed by The CHURCH this shit is far to common. They move to a new country to start a new life and because of their blatant ignorance taught by the CHURCH it all goes up it smoke Wake up Frankie Graham and all you other NUTZ quit spreading the hate

Friday jawnbc • a day ago

The Christian Right has been importing Christian Righties and their thuggery from Eastern Europe for some time, taking advantage of these programs, then of course projecting that onto Democrats and brown people.

Will John30013 • 5 hours ago

Presumably his parents and his church succeeded in creating such an astounding level of shame and self-loathing about being gay, that he was willing to participate with his family in the attempted murder of his boyfriend. The seething hate that is required to do something like this is so disturbing.

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