Populist Group Speaker: Ban Women And Feminine Men From Voting Because Of Their “Chaotic Nature”

Wow, a women / gay hater who doesn’t understand history or science.   I am so stunned at how open these people are about restricting voting to only the people they like or that are like them.   They do not seem to understand the term democracy.   I worry about the people attracted to this stuff.   

“I have to double down on this. They care so much about everybody voting and democracy. And it’s like, if you went back to the founding and the founding fathers would have probably said something like, ‘Women and probably feminine men shouldn’t be allowed to vote because then their chaotic nature would just manifest throughout society.’

“And you would say, ‘No, that’s not right. That’s mean. You’re probably an incel.’ And then the founding father would just say, ‘Oh, well, do you have any evidence from your time to contradict this?’ And you’d just be like, ‘No, not exactly.’ So it would seem that they were actually right.” – Podcaster John Doyle, speaking at an American Populist Union event.

Franciscan • 18 hours ago

They believe in oppressing others while trying to find ways to disenfranchise them.

M • 20 hours ago • edited

Chaotic nature? Have you seen Donnie dementia? His freakshow cronies? The ever spiraling insanity spewed by conswervatives like this?

M M • 20 hours ago

Oh, and George Washington had a cross dressing homosexual train the continental army to fight.

Dave B • a day ago

Straight white male fragility.

Frightened little boys all of them.

The Blessed Reverend • a day ago

If you go to their website APU is only 6 individuals – all of them complete unknowns and all early 20s I would guess. I predict they will bitch flame out in about 1 month

AyJayDee The Blessed Reverend • a day ago

I’d like to think so, but they’re part of a larger and increasingly powerful national movement that is very well-funded and well-organized.

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