Beau Of The Fifth Column teaches class in Cincinnati

I knew Beau had defensive training from the way he talked, but this shows he had advanced level stuff.  I took Kempo and of course I had self defensive training in the Army, the nuclear plant, and the sheriff’s department I worked for.  This is stuff I practiced during our training classes.   I can tell you it works.  I knew a woman who was 5 foot 2 inches tall who using this stuff could walk a linebacker around the room and put him on his knees.   The wrist controls work as do elbow locks.  The rest I will let you figure out.  But in a desperate situation, you want to cripple someone so they cannot chase you, a direct hit to the knee cap.  They will go down and not walk right again.  Anyway you can watch the video it is really good information.  

4 thoughts on “Beau Of The Fifth Column teaches class in Cincinnati

  1. Short guy tricks! There’s a lot to be said of diminutive appearance and the element of surprise. The opportunities just … present themselves 😉

    Anywhere from the knee down works just fine, as hard as you can, and when they yell out in surprise punch ’em in the throat, the Adam’s Apple, as hard as you can. Don’t ever hit anyone in the head, you’ll hurt your hand ~ soft spots. And if it comes to it: be cruel. End it.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. Yes very true. I am lucky I live in a relatively safe area, little to no crime, I can go out walking at night in our park / home development without fear of anything but the random gator or hungry raccoon. Had one try to open my front door. Little bandits. Cat was not too happy about the idea I can tell you.


  2. For those of you who have gone through self-defense training, I’m sure you agree that the techniques Beau demonstrates are effective. For those of us who have NEVER had such training, I don’t believe there is ANY way we would know what to do or how to react in a gun-pointed-at-you situation.

    Moreover, in this video, the “assailant” is “cooperating” in order for Beau to do his demonstrations. This is hardly the situation in real life.

    IMO, self-defense tactics MUST be learned –and practiced religiously until they are second nature– before they will actually protect a person. To watch a video or to have someone give you “pointers” might bring to mind one or two moves in a desperate situation, but I strongly doubt you will come out the victor.

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    1. Hello Nan. Oh I agree that self defense techniques must be practiced until they become a smooth motion you do without trying to figure out in a moment of crisis. That is why wrist holds are effective as anyone can bend a wrist back, what is even more effective grab the fingers and bend then back, even a kid has enough strength to bend a finger or two back and break them of an attacker. But before they break the attacker will move with them to stop the pain. That is the point of these holds, to stop the momentum of the attacker and give the attacked person a chance to either control the situation or time to run. Here are a couple you won’t need to practice. When walking to or from your car keep your car key in your closed hand sticking out of your fingers. If grabbed you use the key to stab at the hand that is holding you or any face part including the eyes. The second one that doesn’t require much practice is the elbow lock and I admit it is my favorite. When an attacker sticks out their arm to grab or threaten you, with the hand on the opposite side of your body grab their wrist and pull their arm slightly while stepping to the outside of their body, take your other hand press it hard against their elbow and pull on their arm. You now own them. The elbow is not designed to move in that direction. The more pressure the more pain. Keep their arm straight and the pressure against the elbow. If need be, break it. They are attacking you, don’t play fair. That elbow won’t work right ever again. Same as Ten Bear said of the below the knee. I like the knee joint, but he is right anywhere below the knee hit hard is going to break that bone and take someone out. If it doesn’t break it is going to hurt enough to make them bend or go down. Plus it is easier to hit lower for most of us. The point Nan is not to be GI Joe but to buy yourself time to escape. The only part of this you have to remember is you want to move to the outside of their body so grab the stuck-out arm with the hand on the other side of your body so that when you step to the outside of their body your free hand is now lined up with their elbow. But the best safety is to be aware of your surroundings and to travel in groups at times you think you might be threatened. Remember your phone camera is your best friend if something looks out of place, record it. There are other things your local senior center may teach or have classes in, be safe, I care.

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