Christian Nationalists Hold Massive Rally: The Election Was Stolen And We’re Taking Our Nation Back [VIDEO]

“There’s one thing that I know for sure, and this is the raw truth: The raw truth was on Nov. 3, 2020, President Donald Trump won the election.

“We’re still waiting on the election to be corrected, and we’re not going anywhere. That election was rigged. It was stolen.

“But I got news for you, and I got news for you watching on television: There’s thousands of people in this room that say, ‘We’re taking our nation back!’

“There is an agenda that’s not Democrat versus Republican. The agenda that’s in our nation right now is good versus evil—and I’m not calling any party evil although you can figure out probably where I’m coming from. 

“If you’re not willing to give up your nation to a woke agenda that’s not left, it’s liberal—it’s so far liberal, it’s out to destroy the very fabric of this nation, rip your children away from your families.

“They want to educate your children. They want to take your kids from you. They don’t want you to do anything that resembles Christianity or stand up for what’s right or stand up for what’s truth.” – Gene Bailey, at a massive Christian nationalist rally at Oral Roberts University.

The rally was attended by many nationally and locally elected Republicans and candidates. Brace yourself before watching the clip starting at 3:00.



rednekokie • 8 hours ago

Uh, huh — at Oral Roberts University — Oral Roberts – the bigot who disinherited his gay son.

rmthunter • 8 hours ago

‘We’re taking our nation back!’

It’s not your nation — it belongs to all of us. It’s just that you hate the idea of democracy and majority rule.

Posthumously • 20 hours ago

These people vote in every single race in every single election. Wish our side would do the same.

biki • 20 hours ago

These wingdoodles won’t stop, nor shut up until they get a theocracy. And then boy howdy, don’t yah know the fight will be on to decide which faction of xtianity will rule our country.

Brad Bailey • 20 hours ago

So now it’s good vs evil, the ultimate “other.” Fanning the flames of fear and loathing to extinguish any hope of democracy in the future. Feels like I’m watching my country die right in front of me.

Joe_Buddha • a day ago • edited

Pretty sure the Jesus of the earlier texts would have been “woke”, but that’s OK. None of these “Christians” care about Jesus anyway.

David Snyder • a day ago

They believe God forgives their lies because they are doing this to glorify God.

Aminnidar • a day ago • edited

and these folks would have been the same ones that attended the Madison Square Garden Nazi Rally … The folks now are scarier because they are even more indoctrinated …

Gianni • a day ago

Always remember that when you pray, close your eyes and squeeze them as tightly as you can because that intensifies the prayers and really gets God’s attention before he dismisses all of you.

10 thoughts on “Christian Nationalists Hold Massive Rally: The Election Was Stolen And We’re Taking Our Nation Back [VIDEO]

  1. Scottie … I think I made a mistake in a former discussion we were having related to blog comments and emails. Did YOU add these to your post? If so, this is probably the same type of comments I saw before that I thought were added through the blog notification emails. Sorry for the confusion.

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      1. Hello Nan. Is that the first you have seen that? What startles me is every time I watch it is the reaction of the young boys in the video as the first the Nazi thugs tackle the protestor and then the police. One of the boys is so excited over the fight he is dancing watching it. That is child indoctrination.


    1. Hello Nan. I am not sure. I admit I am really confused right now over the comments. In order to go back far enough to answer these (4 days old) I had to go back through the admin part. I am sitting here in the afternoon while the other computer updates, I am really sleepy, but I do not want to lose the comments. I will tell you what I did on the other computer if you / anyone is interested but I think my computer stuff mostly bores others who wonder at all the work.

      To the comments on those that were not there and then were I don’t know what you seen. The only ones I added back in manually were the ones from Michael that went to spam. I am not sure. Randy called me and said he thought Michael was spamming the blog when I added his comments back from the spam folder. Are those the ones you seen? As to the change in the email, I don’t like it as it is harder to read, but as I never depended on the emails anyway, I guess it won’t bother me much.

      Never worry about confusing me. A lot of days it is my normal state. 😀😃☺😉😉

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      1. The comments I was referring to were at the END OF YOUR POST … NOT in the “comment” section … which (later on) made me realize they were probably PART of your post. And since the same thing happened on another post, I now tend to think that they were part of the post contents — not “actual” comments.
        SORRY for the confusion. (It may be your “normal state” but why add to it??? 😁)

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  2. I never saw so many truly STUPID people in one venue at the same time. Too bad their “god” didn’t take the opportunity to … er … um … put a brain into their collective heads, eh? It would be laughable, but there’s so much ignorance, hatred, and stupidity in this nation today that I no longer see the humour. Frankly, I’d likely spit in their faces given half a chance.

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    1. Hello Jill. They relish your feelings toward them as it lets them feel they are martyrs to the cause. The truth is facts just don’t matter to them. They love the idea that this is a nation created for them by their god, that they have3 the right to rule it, and that they can be as horrible to those not them as they like. It is not about their gods glory; it is about their own power and position. They say the current young adult generations are the least religious ever. I cannot wait until that translates to a diminished political power of the Christian right.

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      1. Really? They like being despised because it makes them feel like martyrs? Sheesh … that makes them even more stupid than I originally thought. I sometimes take great pleasure when I think of how they will react when they finally figure out the truth … that they’ve been living and fighting for a lie all these years. I agree with the current young adults being less inclined toward religion than their elders … seems they are actually learning to think for themselves. Which, is probably part of the reason that DeSantis and others want to stifle education, to muzzle ideas and thought processes and worse yet, to return religion to schools. Sigh. Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. Yes you are correct. That is what indoctrinated the young kids is all about and why these don’t say gay bills specifically mention up to third grade but leave above that vague. It is about being able to indoctrinating young kids that LGBTQ+ is bad before they are taught it is OK because as the old saying goes “Give me a child before the age of 7 and I can show you the man he will be”.

          When it comes to child development, it’s been said that the most crucial milestones in a kid’s life occur by the age of 7. In fact, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

          I just wonder at the toll all those LGBTQ+ kids in school right now, watching TV with their parents, seeing the hate spewed at what they are and know they are, how they are dealing with it. How they feel. I recently did the math, 662 thousand LGBTQ+ kids try to kill themselves every year. Before these don’t say gay bills. How many more will try now? But the right doesn’t care about that, it is about riling up their base to put them in power. It is about power for people like DeathSantis. I worry how many more kids the pro-life claiming crowd will chase into suicide. Hugs

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          1. Seems to me that the indoctrination is being done by the bigots, not by those who would educate our children about such things as gender identification, Critical Race Theory, our nation’s past, and more. It’s the bigots who are essentially lying to children today, pushing Christian views down their throats before they are capable of thinking outside the box for themselves.

            I think that 20 years from now there will be some very confused, miserable young people who don’t understand that what they feel is perfectly natural, is not an abomination. As you say, some will likely end up committing suicide, others will live a life of confusion and misery. Sigh. And when I think that Bigot DeSantis could possibly end up leading not only Florida, but the whole nation … I can only shudder in horror! Hugs

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