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So yesterday morning I got off a few posts, we got busy going back and forth with the dealership.  Found out what happened to the car on Friday but even though they said they would give it to us they have failed to turn over a detailed list of the damages.   Turns out that an employee rammed it into a post.   Plus the part of how they couldn’t move it was a lie as they moved it to where they showed it to Ron.   We got home yesterday, ate, napped, and when we got up found we had no innerwebs for the rest of the day.   Today we will spend checking out the new Ford Hybrid Escape.   We will have to have the salespeople deal with the situation if we like the car, because I am too pissed off to be civil about it.   So if the innerwebs are working when I get home and I feel halfway up to it, I will try to answer the growing comment list.  There is a lot of great news happening including that Finland says they are readying for a Russian attack and the UE is thinking of having an article 5 clause.   That would be one way to enter the Ukrainian conflict without being NATO that does it.  The problem is the EU has some very sketchy countries in it right now.  Until we meet again, best wishes.   

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