Fox reporter FORCES McCarthy to respond to question he REFUSES to answer

BREAKING: Fox reporter just called out Kevin McCarthy TO HIS FACE for lying.

3 thoughts on “Fox reporter FORCES McCarthy to respond to question he REFUSES to answer

  1. ME? I never said that! What? You have a recording? Well, it’s been tampered with because I NEVER said that! In fact, there simply is no way that I would say such a thing about my beloved friend. (Unless of course he should turn on me somewhere down the road and then all bets are off.)

    Republicans at their finest.

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    1. Hello Nan. It drives me crazy how these politicians just deny reality as they were taught by tRump. It is nuts. Don’t like reality, just deny it. Pretend it never happened. Flat out get people to doubt everything but what you told them in the last ten minutes. If they disagree with someone that person is lying and lying is OK if it gets you a win or makes your party stronger. At one time there was the idea that everyone could have whatever opinion they wanted but facts were set in stone as facts. Now we have alternative facts, lies that have the same weight as truth. To tell the truth I am not sure how to deal with it. I gave up on the right wing cartoon sites because facts just did not matter. They were like trying to talk to baboons. Nan I have fought enraged opponents that made more sense than these people. I was at a loss. How many times and ways can you state reality before you wonder if you’re losing your mind. It did not matter how small the issue, it if doesn’t fit the right wing narrative they attack it like hungry jackals and who every writes it. If it doesn’t agree with them then it is wrong, fake, a lie, a conspiracy, what every they can because it doesn’t matter to them. In their world it is only what pleases them that is true. That will be the destruction of the country. And I blame the way the right has tried to destroy public education in the US. Underfunding it and attacking teachers. It leads to a population that are easily led, easily confused or lied to, that cannot think or reason on their own. If we don’t turn it around, we are looking at the end of the US experiment with democracy.

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