Ultimate Hypocrisy

Indoctrination is supposed to be MY tool – not yours!!!

9 thoughts on “Ultimate Hypocrisy

  1. Exactly. And they’re out trolling my local newspaper/site, on that story I sent you last night. Holy cow. If I only had a week or 2 of school left, I’d write a letter to the paper. I have 4 weeks left, and a pregnant manager who doesn’t need to solo for 4 weeks, so I simmer about this because since I work in a school, I’m not certain I should write. (Full disclosure: I have a draft letter ready, waiting for 2 weeks.) I’m concerned for youth; very concerned.

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    1. Hello Ali. OK I am putting it together. You left the link on a different post about the war in Ukraine and it was not adding up in my head. Now I understand why you said you would go Emily Litella on her (meaning the mother in the video above) and call her a bitch. That makes sense. I agree. I hope you will send me links or quotes from the paper you mentioned and how you would respond as I would love to post them. Anything we can do to show the misinformation and malice on the right toward the LGBTQ+ kids / people and how we can fight back against it the better we are. Thanks

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      1. OK! I need to go to the store first, but I’ll get on it soon. I’ll make the subject line specific on those. Well, I’ll do better at that!

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        1. Heck, I’ll just do it right quick: link to the local story is https://www.sumnernewscow.com/sumner-county-state-representative-cheryl-helmer-transgender-remarks-is-causing-statewide-criticism/ (also where the bigots are trolling.) This story contains the Kansas Reflector link, but not the direct link I emailed you, which is https://kansasreflector.com/2022/04/25/kansas-republican-complains-about-sharing-statehouse-restroom-with-transgender-female/ .
          I’ll get my draft to you soon.

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          1. Hello Ali. Now I understand. The link I was looking at was a different story, I must have confused the links, then the comment was on a post about Ukraine and I was total lost. Now I understand. I agree with you on it. I posted the story but realized it will be better to wait until your draft is done. I get really excited by the story and can’t to see what you write.

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            1. What I mean is I would like to add your reply to the post. my mind got going faster than my fingers. Let me know how you send it to me, either by email or do you want to just put it in the comments of the post when I do post it again. Thanks


  2. I would also go Emily Litella on the woman who got you to the door of her office, dealing with the car issues. I would have dealt peacefully, as you did, and then said “Bitch.” at the door before I closed it carefully to avoid hitting my rear. 😉

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