A 16-year-old girl’s testimony paints a picture of brutality by Russian soldiers

This is a hard story to listen to.  In fact both of them are.  Child rape hits me hard, but I guess it does most decent people.   The second story is about a civilian man who was tortured for no reason except it seems that is the standard why the Russians soldiers are dealing with men.   I have posted it before.  They take the men’s fingers and cut them to the bone in slashes so that they will not only be painful but fester and decay.  This man lost most of his.   I have posted videos of others with their fingers stitched up trying to save them.  The US could stop this.   NATO could stop this.  But we are allowing it.  For how much longer?   

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh speaks with 16-year-old Dasha, who says she was raped by a Russian soldier in her village in Ukraine’s Kherson region. CNN cannot independently verify Dasha’s story, but Ukrainian prosecutors in the Kherson region said in a statement they had investigated her account.

He was tortured by Russians for eight days and left in the forest to die

On thing about this.   The Russians seem to like causing pain and being cruel.  These acts are deliberate.  No professional army acts this way.   We must act to stop this.   How many generations will ask why we did not stop it when we could have?  Were they not worthy enough for us to save?  

Oleg Moskalenko is a Ukrainian man who was captured and tortured by Russian troops for several days and left for dead in the forest. He shares his harrowing story of survival on CNN’s New Day.

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