‘Puts me on the street’: Americans forced out of homes as rents skyrocket

Again no CC.  But the story is important.   This is what happens in a country of uncontrolled capitalism where the wealthy get to suck every drop of money from the lower incomes.   How is it acceptable that hedge funds bought up most of the housing in the US paying over market prices so they could then jack up rents.   Builders see the profit and are buying up land at over market value.  Cities are cracking down on homeless as more and more people have no where to live but in their cars or on the streets.   Here where I live any wooded areas are being cleared out because the homeless set up camps in them, often at the risk of their lives.   I have talked about James moving back home to afford housing even though he works every hour he can get at a county job.  He talks about in three or five years moving from Florida.   Ron and I want too also.   But the where to go that is decent on a fixed income with what we can get for our home.  More and more the governments at every level, local, state, federal are working for the wealthy to increase their wealth but do nothing for the people as we slide into desperation.  This is why tRump won the first time, he spoke of helping the people.  Democrats speak of that every four years but never do it.  The Democrats have shown that most of them are corporate owned as much as the Republicans.  Build Back Better would have helped the people out immensely and it would have cost less a year than the aid to Ukraine so far, but the wealthy / large corporations in the US cannot have the government helping the people.   Businesses in the US need a desperate work force to make the most profit.   The people must be kept desperate so they will accept any job at any low wage under any harsh conditions and be grateful they got it.   Notice right after months of debate about giving the people of the country scraps, the congress then approved a 800 billion dollar plus military budget without any debate.  None.  Just passed it.  A military we are now afraid to use in Ukraine to save those people.  Why do we have it then and deny ourselves other services?  Because the profit generated for the defense contractors.   It comes down to what kind of country do we want, other advanced countries don’t live this way.  Canada doesn’t?   Mexico doesn’t either and we use to call them the poor people?  Ever wonder why the immigrants at the southern border are not majority Mexicans?  We are the ones with a lower standard of living now.  They are growing better standards for their people; the US is regressing to the days of robber barons.  

2 thoughts on “‘Puts me on the street’: Americans forced out of homes as rents skyrocket

  1. If you ever decide to move, my best advice would be to make sure you head for a state that either is strong Democrat or at least leans that way.

    You ask: But the(n) where to go that is decent on a fixed income with what we can get for our home. — Right now, with home prices being so high, you could probably get a decent amount for your home. Especially since you’ve done so much remodeling. And if you avoided a metropolitan area, you might very possibly find a home in a smaller city (in a different state) that your could afford. (Of course, buying that NEW CAR you’re talking about … well … that might change things. 😈)

    I know that with day-to-day living, we don’t always feel the effects of state politics. But the ways things are going in some of the Red states, I think more and more people are going to notice the changes.

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    1. Hello Nan. Well said, very well said. I think, well hope, things are going to reverse. I think the maga and the rabid right which really are a small minority have worn out their welcome and power. tRump’s candidates have been losing all round the country. tRump has taken to waiting until a candidate is winning to endorse them. I want our country to rejoin the progressive other advanced countries in the world. We can only help make it so.

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