CNN goes to frontline city where Ukrainians remain amid constant shelling

I am sorry there is no CC with this.   The point of these stories are these are people living on the front lines that Russia is shelling.  They cannot leave and have nowhere to go.  They are old and disabled.   They survive by the aid that gets brought to them.  The area has no military targets yet Russia has kept up bombardments of the area.  This is terrorism.  The driving out of the population and making the death toll and pain as high as possible so the Ukrainians will give in.  Russia doesn’t see a difference between military targets and civilians, it is all just targets.  We have the ability to stop this.   We have a duty to help stop it.   Aid wont last, and military aid can not get there fast enough.   The Ukrainians barely have half the bullets they need because their weapons don’t use the same ammo as Nato guns.  Lets not only give them NATO guns, lets send in NATO troops to use them, to show the Ukrainians how to use our equipment.   The Ukrainians are a democracy fighting to survive against someone who has threatened to take large parts of other countries.   Do we just let Putin do it?  And what about the next country that wants some of their neighbors’ lands?  The strong protect the weak in a just world, those that can, have a responsibility to do.  We can, and we have a responsibility to do so.  

CNN’s Sam Kiley goes to Severodonetsk, Ukraine, a frontline city in the war with Russia, to talk to Ukrainians desperate for resources as they live amid Russian shelling.

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