J.D. Vance parrots a Tucker Carlson conspiracy theory that Biden is intentionally allowing fentanyl to cross the border to kill Trump voters


Is there a conspiracy theory these Republican right wingers won’t buy?   Seriously you have to believe every border patrol officer, most who were over the last few years ripping babies from mother’s arms to sperate families, are liberals who support Biden enough to let drugs into the country specifically to be delivered to right wingers.   Who is forcing these right wingers to take the drugs?  Or do right wingers like the rest of the country have personal problems and need help with addiction?  

The new right faux-populists blame immigration for opioid overdoses. It’s an old trick with a long, racist history.

JD Vance / Tucker Carlson / Fox Nation

On Friday, Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance pushed an anti-immigration conspiracy theory that alleged President Joe Biden was deliberately allowing drug smugglers to import fentanyl to the United States to kill Donald Trump voters. The theory has also been put forward by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, whom the New York Times recently characterized as running “what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

Vance made the allegations in a recent interview with Jim Hoft, founder of the far-right site Gateway Pundit. “If you wanted to kill a bunch of MAGA voters in the middle of the heartland, how better than to target them and their kids with this deadly fentanyl,” Vance told Hoft, later adding: “It does look intentional. It’s like Joe Biden wants to punish the people who didn’t vote for him. And opening up the floodgates to the border is one way to do it.”

This allegation sounds remarkably similar to a line of argument Carlson used on his February 8 show. After stoking fear about a Biden administration harm reduction policy for people who use crack, Carlson pivoted to the opioid overdose crisis. “I seem to remember reading somewhere that more than 100,000 Americans died last year from opioid ODs. What are we doing about that? Well, good question, and the answer is nothing,” Carlson said.

He then offered an explanation that hinged on a lie that Biden is pursuing an “equity agenda” that deliberately seeks to benefit people of color at the expense of white people, toward the ultimate goal of their political subjugation. “Those 100,000 Americans weren’t from officially marginalized groups. Their deaths have nothing to do with the equity agenda. In fact, their deaths may have helped the equity agenda by changing the demographics of the country in a way that benefits the Democratic Party,” Carlson said. “So as far as the Biden administration is concerned, it’s not a bad trend.”

Carlson concluded that although the United States had suffered high levels of overdose deaths, “these are exactly the kind of people the administration hates anyway, so with equity in mind, the White House plans to continue allowing as much fentanyl as possible to come into this country through Mexico.” In reality, border seizures of fentanyl in the final year of Trump’s term largely mirror the current rates under Biden. More broadly, the overdose epidemic in the United States is a complicated phenomenon, driven by drug manufacturers, a for-profit health care system, and economic precarity that’s resulted from deindustrialization and an overall decline in the power of organized labor. It is not caused by immigrants.

It’s not surprising that Vance might adopt this talking point from Carlson. His political life is dependent on the Trump-Carlson wing of the Republican Party, and his turnaround from flagging candidate to front-runner came in the wake of Trump’s endorsement. Vance’s main opponent in the Republican primary, Josh Mandel, has also modeled himself after Trump, but the increasingly acrimonious rivalry shows that simply adopting the former president’s bigoted rhetoric isn’t always enough to avoid the dreaded “establishment candidate” label, as Don Trump Jr. referred to Mandel on Twitter.

Beyond Trump and Carlson, Vance is a creation of GOP megadonor Peter Thiel, the far-right billionaire with ties to the faux-populist “New Right,” as well as to overt white nationalists. Last year, Thiel co-launched a new project called the Rockbridge Network that seeks to reshape the Republican Party in Thiel’s image. Vance, and his fellow Senate candidate Blake Masters, were recipients of Thiel donations totaling at least $10 million apiece.

This group often pays lip service to a narrow conception of the working class — basically white men in hard hats and their wives — but their pro-worker rhetoric is  predicated on blaming immigrants for falling wages, and increased crime and drug use. Given the long history of associating immigrant communities with drug crime, stretching back to anti-Chinese racism around opium and anti-Mexican racism around marijuana, it’s not shocking that Carlson and Vance would recycle these tropes. But, as Vance might say, it does look intentional.

Rick Blackstone LaRue Williams • 5 hours ago

So is JD saying MAGA folks are a bunch of druggies? That would explain a LOT.

StuckNtexas Rick Blackstone LaRue Williams • 5 hours ago

If it’ll help thin the herd, I volunteer to smuggle. Can I set up a free samples table at the Republican National Convention?

Ann Kah • 5 hours ago

Is this an admission that the Trumpsters are drug addicts?

Steverino • 5 hours ago

Cute, considering COVID-19 has killed far more MAGAts, by their own stupidity.

Friday • 5 hours ago

The Party Of Personal Responsibility Blames Democrat For Their Own Actions Again.

TrollopeReader • 4 hours ago

Huh … he should be asked where the fentanyl is coming in from … cuz’ cousin Wheels Abbott said his Rangers found …zero .. drugs on their “border inspections”

Kelly Lape • 5 hours ago

So the GOP’s position is that Republican voters are ignorant drug addicts buying street drugs for recreational use? Way to respect the electorate.

3 thoughts on “J.D. Vance parrots a Tucker Carlson conspiracy theory that Biden is intentionally allowing fentanyl to cross the border to kill Trump voters

  1. Scottie, what happened to JD Vance? Is this a Body Snatching victim? It just goes to show how coercive the untruthful, bullying and seditious acting former president can be. To sell one’s soul to this devil to win an election is just beyond me. Keith

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Keith. True, very true. It is beyond me also. But the Republicans, the people who become Republicans, the power is what they crave. Getting and keep that power is their means to wealthy and respect. Their need for power overrides any other aspect of who they are. It makes them caricatures of human beings.

      Keith, what bothers me is how do decent people fight back against the craven without lowering themselves to that level? For decades the right has won by breaking every rule of decency and all norms while the democrats say they are above the fray. The idea that when they go low, we go high has been shown to be the way to lose. Repeatedly. I know part of it is messaging, the Republicans now tell people they are the party of the little people, which is an outright lie, but the Democrats don’t hammer Republicans for their stunts that hurt the people like Abbotts blocking truck traffic from Mexico. In Texas Beto is playing nice, the Republicans going for blood. I am very worried about the midterms and what the change of who controls the House of Reps. means for the country.


      1. Scottie, one can be direct without being rude. When we return vitriol with vitriol, no one is getting heard. Yet, we can be candid. One of the more impactful retorts is “I understand your point, I just do not agree with it.” Many feel if you only saw what they saw, you would agree with them. It is a smugness that is part of the armor. I remember a good friend who loves Ann Coulter. When she cited her for the umpteenth time to me, I told he I do not give a lot of weight to what Ann Coulter says. And, she was flabbergasted. Will this sink in? Likely not, but we must try. Keith

        Liked by 2 people

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