Trump’s Truth Social Censors Anti-Transgender Post

Mediaite reports:

BlazeTV host Steve Deace complained Monday on Twitter that something he posted on TRUTH Social was immediately censored. Deace claimed to have posted a Truth — the platform’s term for users’ posts — only for it to be slapped with a “sensitive content” warning.

Mediaite viewed the Truth Deace had posted. It reads: “Transgenderism is a mental illness and/or a demonic deception, pass it on.” The apparent case of censorship on the platform is noteworthy, given that Trump was similarly censored on Twitter before he was banned in January of 2021.

Read the full article.

Deace first appeared on JMG in 2011 when he denounced then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry for hiring a “practicing homosexual” as a presidential campaign strategist.

In 2015 we heard from him again when he attacked Sen. Lindsey Graham’s presidential bid, saying “voters aren’t ready for a transgendered candidate.”

Deace last appeared on JMG in 2018 when he stormed off the CNN set when another guest pointed out that “Christian sharia” is also a thing.

Serene Pumpkin • 14 minutes ago

Man who wants teachers fired for mentioning transgenderism shrieks when he is “censored” for mentioning transgenderism someplace where a kid might see it.

Bob’s Your Uncle – BYU • 35 minutes ago

The transgender community is starting to fight back in surprising places. This is a good thing. Visibility is important.

The Vatican Draws a Line on Gender, and Transgender Catholics Push Back

Bob’s Your Uncle – BYU • 30 minutes ago

“Transgenderism is a mental illness and/or a demonic deception, pass it on.”

Religion is not an excuse to practice medicine without a license. ‘Black magic’ is a fictional excuse that Christians used to murder pagan and/or non-pagan women at the Salem Witch Trials, a dark and ugly time in American Christianity’s history.

Doug105 Bob’s Your Uncle – BYU • 26 minutes ago

Praying for goD to strike down those you hate is no less black magic than what they accused witches of.

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