Trump Lawyers Tried To Hide His Fear Of Thrown Fruit

Remember that tRump is desperate to keep the idea he is an alpha he-man, the toughest, smartest, the fittest, the most manly, the all powerful OZ … I mean tRump.  It is a fiction like his wealthy, but …

The Daily Beast reports:

After a transcript leaked last week of former President Donald Trump decrying “very dangerous” fruits he feared protesters might throw at him, Trump’s legal team sprang into action. New emails show that Trump’s lawyers were so bothered by the deposition becoming public that they actually tried to un-make it public.

Even after The Daily Beast published a story about Trump expressing bizarre concerns about people hurling “pineapples, tomatoes, bananas” at him while onstage—“very dangerous stuff” in Trump’s words—his lawyers still tried to get the deposition that was posted in a court filing taken down.

Read the full article.

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