Elizabeth Warren goes megaviral with STUNNING speech after Roe news

BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren just went MEGAVIRAL with her must-see speech after the Roe news.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren goes megaviral with STUNNING speech after Roe news

  1. Hi Scottie;
    Do I recall that there are instances where citizens leaving the country to do things that are patently illegal in this one can be charged upon their return? Just wondering if watching all these rich republican family’s women making sudden “vacation trips” to certain countries wouldn’t be interesting. Seems shady as hell, but… good for the goose,

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    1. Hello Randy. Several states already make it illegal for a woman to travel to another state to have an abortion and these states have tried to stop the prescription, mail delivery, and use of the abortion pills. Right now overseas doctors / clinics are doing video telehealth exams to prescribe the pills, then they have a pharmacy in places like India fill the order and mail it to the person. It arrives in a normal sized envelope and looks just like any other mail with no medical markings. It would be hard to stop. I just wonder what the freedom people think about the Republican controlled police state women will soon be living in. How can they reconcile being controlled on what you can watch, what you can read, what medication you can take, what your doctor can tell you, what sex actions you may do, (the right wants to overturn the Lawernce vs Texas that prevented states from making oral / anal / genital contact illegal.) and so many big government in your life things. These people thought being required to wear a mask was stealing their freedom. How is the government telling you what sex you and other consenting may engage in and watching to see if you do it, not against freedom?

      But as you say the wealthy can travel with ease to other states and other countries. Will the wealthy state legislators who require their mistresses and staffers they impregnate to break the laws to get abortions? Will they be prosecuted? Will well off women be treated like poor women under this law? How many Republican elected officials at all levels will be found to be breaking these laws? Good questions Randy.


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