BUZZFEED NEWS: Many Abortion Images Are Misleading Or Manipulative. These Photos Show The Reality.

Many Abortion Images Are Misleading Or Manipulative. These Photos Show The Reality.
“Most people don’t know what a fetus looks like. Abortion takes place behind closed doors — for medical privacy and for safety — but I also believe something is gained by creating visuals for this process.”

Read in BuzzFeed News:

Shared from Apple News

3 thoughts on “BUZZFEED NEWS: Many Abortion Images Are Misleading Or Manipulative. These Photos Show The Reality.

  1. Good article to post.

    Personally I think it was good to have the picture of the “embryo at six to eight weeks.” IMO, VERY few are aware of exactly what the woman is aborting. Also, notice the picture of the Republican MEN on the floor of the Capitol …

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    1. Hello Nan. You are so correct. Most people think the fetus nearly formed in the picture pushed at the 6 week heartbeat bills are what is the thing really inside a woman. The rest of us know that is not true, but the right wing religious bigots believe that. So how to change their minds? I am still having a similar online attempt to stop disinformation from Tildeb, so you see how that goes.

      Nan you mentioned the men on the floor of the capital. I have often said that the only one that should have a say if to keep or abort / remove the thing growing in them is the person it is growing in. Really let’s say a man has a tumor growing in him. Now should the government get between him and his doctor? Should the government make rules at which time he may have the tumor removed or must just let it grow?

      What responsibility to that growth growing in the man’s body does the government or the public have? I ask because as I understand for most of the 1st trimester what may grow into a possible human is nothing more than a patristic tumor. Which more women miscarry than it keeps going into a human.

      Nan, I do not know what more can be said, what more can be done, or how much agreement decent people can have, because it is clear the religious right has managed to do what they have worked towards for 40 years. Even voting in more democrats is not a sure bet to undo this ruling because the party is supporting an anti-abortionist over a pro-choice progressive candidate. So the Democratic party is more corporate driven than liberal.

      But it comes down to this. This won’t stop most abortions, because well off people will still manage to get them. This will lead to the death or medical problems of women desperate to end a pregnancy that don’t have the resources to travel or do it legally but will do whatever it takes to get that thing out of them. And history has shown a lot of those poor women will die in the attempt.

      Nan this fight is the desperate fight to let people have the right and control over their bodies and what they do with them that the LGBTQ+ (which means trans people also) have been fighting for. It is the same body autonomy.

      I am as sickening as can be over the reasoning behind Alito’s writings because he ignores the very constitution we live under and the spirit of the declaration of independence but goes back to 1600s common law to base his ruling on. That shows he is basing this on his religion, not the idea that the constitution is a framework that should guide the nation and be changed as needed.

      It is religious driven, and the right wing is getting what they campaigned on and fought for all these many years. But tell me why they are not celebrating this ruling?

      Why instead are they trying to shift the conversation to chasing down the leaker of the news? The truth is the elected Republican’s right did not want this. They love to fund raise off it and to excite their base with the idea of saving babies but remove abortion and most of their base voters stay home and stop donating.

      So as I asked Nan, tell me what more we can do? Best wishes.

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  2. Hate to reference the bible, but you do know the story of John crying in the wilderness, yes? That’s kinda’ what those of us who want to stand up for certain beliefs have to do. Keep plugging away. We won’t win everyone to our side, but maybe like John, we’ll get a “Jesus” to step in and help our cause. Yes? 😛

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