Cawthorn Issues 8-Minute Video: I’m No “Drag Queen”

The Independent reports:

US Representative Madison Cawthorn released a new video defending himself after a series of negative stories, saying the media is unfairly attacking the North Carolina freshman. Particularly, Mr Cawthorn criticised Politico, which published photos of him wearing lingerie.

“This article is pushing some kind of ludicrous narrative that I’m some sort of drag queen on the side, aside from being a congressman,” he said. “And really, this is just poor journalism, and I’m not surprised. It is Politico after all – not exactly the same journalistic standards as Fox or Newsmax.”

Raleigh’s NBC News affiliate reports:

A political group whose primary focus is unseating U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn released a graphic video Wednesday showing Cawthorn naked and simulating a sex act near someone he describes as a friend. Cawthorn acknowledged the video, which was released by American Muckrakers PAC, a political group that runs the Fire Madison Cawthorn website. David B. Wheeler, president of American Muckrakers PAC, said in a statement that the video was “passed to us by a former supporter” of Cawthorn.

He addressed a recent citation he received for bringing a loaded gun to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. “I love and defend the Second Amendment as a man in a wheelchair who faces death threats,” he said. “… I carry a weapon almost all the time. Obviously, though, I made a mistake. I forgot to disarm before I went through a TSA checkpoint. That’s my bad, and I have to own that one.”


Here is the video.   It is a male in the bed he crawls into, keep the volume low at the start because there are some sharp squeals and Cawthorn is making loud weird sounds but by half way through you can turn it up and hear someone say “You have your dick in his face” and the guy in the bed says “You have your ass on my face”.   Now I am gay.   I don’t have a problem with gay or people that have non-traditional sexual relationships.   But I do have a problem with hypocrisy.   This is the super religious family values candidate who is constantly attacking the LGBTQ+.   Yet we have him dressed in women’s lingerie, having a male staffer touch his crotch while both talk about Cawthorn having a hot naked body under him, and now he sexually acts out face fucking a guy sleeping near / beside him.  Below I will post the video.  Be warned you see his nude body and butt as he does this action, but you do not see his dick. 

cawthorn in womens underware

2 thoughts on “Cawthorn Issues 8-Minute Video: I’m No “Drag Queen”

    1. Hello Jeff. It is a shame that his upbring made sexual education, sexual expression, and just accepting his sexual orientation / desires so wrong in his mind that he had to try to hide it while acting out inappropriately. That is what happens when human sexuality is denied, ignored, or forced to pretend to be something else, a person acts out sexually in the wrong ways. Often in hurtful ways. Cawthorn could very well have a lot of self-hatred / loathing over what he has been taught all his life about sex and the “proper” ways to have it and the only “proper” time to have it. He is not bright / smart so he is not able to process his religion with his body needs. He is apparently unable to deal with his parents on sexual issues, and afraid to have others know how he really feels. He also seems very immature. So he acts like a 13 year old trying hard to pretend he is straight like everyone else while nakedly playing at sex acts with other boys in a sleep over. Except Cawthorn is an adult and the other boys he plays with are adults. And in the video of him dry humping another guy, the people in the room seemed veery uncomfortable with it, notice the guy videoing it dropped the camera down off Cawthorn as soon as others started to say what / where Cawthorn had his body parts. Those people seemed to not think it was funny as Cawthorn is trying to pretend it was, claiming it was just childish fooling around, a prank. But again he is an adult. He called it acting crass. Nope. It is acting as a kid who is trying to figure out his body’s driven sexual desires. But he is making laws denying other people their sexual rights. He needs some help accepting himself and growing up.

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