POLL: 78% Of Texans Back Some Access To Abortion

The Texas Tribune reports:

At a time when Texas is poised to outlaw the vast majority of abortions if the nation’s highest court overturns constitutional protections for the procedure, a recent University of Texas at Austin poll shows most Texan voters think access to abortion should be allowed in some form. Texas would make performing most abortions a felony if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

The survey found that 78% of respondents believe abortion should be allowed in some form while only 15% said it should be never permitted. Around 39% of poll respondents said Texans should always be able to obtain abortions as a matter of personal choice, and 11% of respondents thought abortions should be available for other reasons in addition to pregnancy resulting from rape.

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Fox Host: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Be Hired [VIDEO]

Fox Host: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Be Hired [VIDEO]

“Let’s talk about this, something new that kind of got sprung on us last week. For the last few months, we have had a disinformation czar and a unit within the Homeland Security Department.

“And even Mayorkas said on Sunday, yeah, I probably could have rolled that out a little bit better. Then, we find out who is in charge of it, and this woman that’s in charge of it, Nina Jankowicz, who’s about eight-and-a-half-months pregnant.

“I’m not sure how you get a job and then you just – you can’t do a job for three months. I’m not faulting her, but I don’t know why you would give someone a job that you think is so important.” – Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade.


Todd20036 • an hour ago

It won’t stop at abortion

Soon women won’t be able to have jobs without permission

They won’t be allowed to drive or be out in public without a male escort

Paula Todd20036 • a minute ago

Wait until they start discharging women from the military.

Host of Twinkies Todd20036 • 42 minutes ago

Iran once had full gender equality. A theocratic revolution ended that and implemented a system of no rights for women. That’s the role model that the Republican Party is emulating.

another_steve Host of Twinkies • 25 minutes ago

I don’t think the anti-abortion movement is about “no rights for women.” I think it’s about “no body autonomy for women.”

If a woman is allowed body autonomy – control over her body – she might say “no” to sex with a man.

That’s what the theofascists want to prevent.

Host of Twinkies another_steve • 22 minutes ago

Yes, that too. They really hate rape laws. I forgot that. They also hate child rape laws and marriage laws that require women to be adults. It all fits together.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad another_steve • an hour ago

Before 1974, a woman couldn’t get a mortgage without a cosigner or have a credit card in her own name.


Adam Schmidt another_steve • 27 minutes ago

Well, you know… women driving isn’t “deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition”. Women didn’t drive cars for several hundred years of this country’s history.

But you know what is “deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition”? Slavery.

Both the Senate and the Electoral College exist just to give power to rural states which tended to be the major centers of slavery. For years we had to add states in pairs so that one could be a free state and the other a slave state just to keep parity in the Senate.

another_steve Adam Schmidt • 22 minutes ago

Rest assured, Adam — if the Party of Donald Trump and its evangelical base could bring legalized slavery back to the United States, they would.

In a heartbeat.

Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns • an hour ago • edited

And when women are forbidden to have abortions (and eventually birth control), the argument changes from “why hire pregnant women,” to “why hire any woman, who could become pregnant?”

BeccaM Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns • 44 minutes ago

In truth, it will return to that being legal, as it once was. And in point of fact, is often still tolerated today.

Ask any woman and if it hasn’t happened to her, she’ll know someone personally who was refused a job, denied a promotion, or fired specifically because she got pregnant or was deemed to “might get preggers.”

I do. Not me, but someone I know. Lawyer told her the chances of winning a discrimination lawsuit was thin because her former employer claimed she was fired for poor job performance and being chronically late to work.

BeccaM • an hour ago

And the unceasing reich-wing theocratic authoritarian effort to reduce and return women to explicitly 2nd-class status in our society and under the law continues…

BeccaM • 27 minutes ago

The fact a tiny highly-radical minority of authoritarian Repugs are going ahead with all this deeply unpopular shit anyway is still more evidence showing just how far down the road to fascist Hell America’s democratic republic has gone.

Because they know they’ve rigged and corrupted elections well enough never to lose. Voter suppression. Extreme gerrymandering. And now they’re simply going to declare themselves the winners regardless of election outcomes.

BeccaM BeccaM • 26 minutes ago

For example:

craigkg BeccaM • 28 minutes ago

Yep. It is the only way the Republicans can hold onto power with the facade of being elected. America is by and large rejecting Republican policies, but they’ve juiced the game so much to hold enough minority power to prevent D’s from fixing the system and sometimes slim majorities to further advance their anti-democratic ideas. The problem for them is the facade of it being democratic in any shape or form is fading, so they are now moving hard to convince voters we don’t need democracy.

BeccaM craigkg • 21 minutes ago

The other side of the coin is that when Dem voters do manage to turn out massive numbers to give the party nominal control, even though it requires us to win by ~10% just to secure a slim majority, the ones we elect end up being too fucking chickenshit to do really bold things. Or 1-2 of them will decide they will be the roadblock to accomplishing anything significant or vital.

And thus we have our current status quo: Rethugs don’t give a shit how unpopular their policies are. And elected Dems far too often refuse to consider passing stuff that would be incredibly popular because (1) they’re too timid and (2) too many of them are in the pockets of wealthy donors.

another_steve BeccaM • 17 minutes ago

The Party of Trump and Putin (formerly known as “the Republican Party”) has been totally hijacked by the religious right. The religious right controls them.

If 100% of their constituents were for abortion rights, today’s Republican congressperson would vote against those rights.

Max_1 • 31 minutes ago

Chief Justice, John Roberts will be investigating the “leak”…
… But won’t investigate Clarence and Ginni Thomas affairs with Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to overthrow our Democratic Republic.

One is about a lack of ethics of the USSC.
The other is about protecting our Democratic Republic.

Oaths be damned, I guess…

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