Ukrainian Nurse Who Lost Legs And Fingers Marries And Regains Her Will To Live

Oksana Balandina, a nurse, lost both her legs and four fingers on one hand in a mine explosion in March. She also lost her will to live, but her family has restored her spirits. At the hospital where she is being treated, they held a wedding ceremony for her and her partner, Viktor Vasylyev. Originally published at –…

This is what the Russian war is doing to the people of Ukraine.   There are people alive buried under the rubble in that steel mill and Russia won’t stop the bombing so the Ukrainians can dig them out.  It is past time the countries of the world showed that this inhumanity won’t be allowed to continue.   Russia hopes the world will lose interest and they can be as cruel and destructive to human life as they please.   We cannot let that happen.   This could have been a group of kids that got near that landmine.   Remember Russia dropped thousands of trip wire triggered bombs from the skies over Ukrainian cities and towns.    The idea was to kill and main as many civilians as possible.   The idea is to cause terror so the people will beg Russia for peace at any cost or terms.   The world cannot let this continue.   We have the ability; we just need the will.

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