Cops Slam 77 Year Old Man To Ground

Newly released bodycam footage from police officers in warren county, Virginia shows a team of cops run up on a 77-year-old man that appears to be detained, and slam him into a truck and onto the ground. the man died 13 days later.

“A newly released body camera video reveals deputies in Warren County, Virginia, slammed a 77-year-old man into a pickup truck and tackled him to the ground. He died 13 days later. The Warren County Sheriff’s Office originally said Ralph Ennis had fallen over the trailer hitch of his truck and hit his head during the arrest on April 2 outside a 7-Eleven near Front Royal. Deputies had pulled him over for driving erratically and speeding, authorities said.”

2 thoughts on “Cops Slam 77 Year Old Man To Ground

  1. Hi Scottie;
    There comes a time for anyone who has seen this type of “lawful behavior” (??) that one must ask what he would do in such a position. That’s reasonable, I guess. My greatest fear is to see the day when a large group of citizens exercising their free rights ask that question. But the more this type of over the top bullish crap goes on, the more likely we will come to see that. Then what? What will we become?

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    1. Hello Randy. It has already happened, and I posted about it. It is great that small strides have been made to hold a few bad cops accountable, but it is not getting through to the main body of police. Look how the chief lied in his statement of what happened to blame the man and his hitch while omitting that his officer tackled and killed an old man.

      In the pro-abortion rights rally the police moved in violently and started attacking the protesters. In the video the people had enough, and they attacked the police. The person that the police tried to take down not only got away the police realized they had lost control and changed their behavior. It appears the police figured if they ran up and attacked a few of the protesters beating the crap out of them the rest would run. Where have we seen that before? Hong Kong! When the Chinese took it over the cops beat, tortured, and arrested as many protesters as possible to send a message. US police are doing the same thing. They feel they are an occupying army that is to control the enemy population.


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