Matt Gaetz Lashes Out At Women Fighting For Their Rights

Extremist Republican Matt Gaetz sent out a tweet railing against women pro-choice protestors, saying that they’re just “over-educated, under-loved millennials”. Gaetz’s comments perfectly epitomize the Republican Party’s social views as he is just rehashing old anti-feminist talking points.

“Matt Gaetz is a model avatar for the Republican Party’s manic culture war. As a far-right reactionary currently under investigation for sex crimes, he checks several boxes of hypocrisy so often seen among the GOP’s moral crusaders. It makes sense, then, that he delivered the best encapsulation of the socially conservative right’s response to pro-choice protests now sweeping the country. “How many of the women rallying against overturning Roe are over-educated, under-loved millennials who sadly return from protests to a lonely microwave dinner with their cats, and no bumble matches?” Gaetz asked on Twitter on Wednesday morning. The core of the argument is familiar: feminists are unhappy shrews, and only conservative women are happy and have families. Conservatives looking for quick clout have been adopting this mantra for years in an effort to virtue-signal their support for “traditional” values and demean their political opponents. Early resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency, like the 2017 Women’s March, inspired a similar rash of boorish or sexist posts by GOP officials, likely inspired by the former president’s long history of misogynistic remarks. Sexism in the Republican Party isn’t new or particularly revelatory; the GOP made limiting the rights of women a de facto policy for years before Trump took power. But as the modern culture war intensifies, it’s clear that unvarnished sexism will be a common bedrock conservatives like Gaetz fall back on.”

11 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz Lashes Out At Women Fighting For Their Rights

    1. Hello Jill. Nope. He will win in his district because he has not done anything that the rabid right maga would disapprove of. He paid a 17 year old for sex and took her across state lines. Most of them would approve of that. Most of them do that but the kids are younger and or are related to them. He has drug fueled sex parties. Again most of them wish they could do that or they do it. But mostly he will be reelected because he is one of the bomb throwing trolls that do not legislate but work to get headlines and sound bites for fox news. And the maga adore them. So while his donations have dried up, he will win. I am not sure even arresting / charging him would make him lose at this point. The state of Florida is that badly gerrymandered. It is worse now with DeathSantis’s new maps. Dems lost 2 districts including the only mostly black district and the republicans gained four while locking in Republican majorities all across the state.

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      1. Yeah, I figured, just like the people in my own state will vote for the highly UNqualified floozy J.D. Vance in November, now that Trump gave him his ‘stamp of approval’. It occurs to me that overall, the people of this nation are too stupid to maintain a democracy, too ignorant to make wise decisions, and too distracted by shiny objects to keep from selling us to the lowest bidder. Sigh.

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        1. Hello Jill. One of the reasons the upper class likes to keep the lower classes desperate and scrambling with daily life is that it leaves little time to read or watch political news or get involved with politics. The less time busy people have for anything but work the happier the ruling class is because they can do what they want unimpeded by the unwashed masses.

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          1. You make a good point, and one that I hadn’t really considered. But yeah … if they’re so busy working 2-3 minimum wage jobs trying to keep a roof over their family’s head, they don’t have much time to stay on top of the news, OR to become activists for a cause. That is … except old retired people like us, eh? We just might manage to make a difference after all! Hey, Scottie … what happened to your cartoon posts? I haven’t seen one in a while and I really enjoyed those!

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            1. Hello Jill. I need to get back to those. I have not felt up to doing the big ones as they take 8 hours or more. But half of them I can do in a reasonable amount of time. I enjoy them also. What I don’t understand is I can read them without posting them in just a few hours, but to make the post takes so long I was not able to post anything else. I am going to make a post on all the sites I go to and get the cartoons so people can also view them themselves. Thanks for the reminder.

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              1. I understand that, my friend! Those posts always reflected hours of work! Why not try doing the same thing, but on a smaller scale? Maybe only about 1/3 as many ‘toons and fewer other features. Maybe just what you can do in 2-3 hours? Heh heh … yes, it’s far easier to read a ‘toon than to download the image, half the time needing to convert it to a different file type, then line it up. Hugs

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