This Police-Pastor Alliance Is America’s Most Tyrannical

5 thoughts on “This Police-Pastor Alliance Is America’s Most Tyrannical

    1. Hello Randy. Yes, he was worried more his own authority than right or wrong. He lost it when the protestor wouldn’t obey him. He is an important person of the community in his mind, so the protestor is a nobody who need not be tolerated. The police were wrong in this but as we have seen the law is not important to the police but their feelings of never being questioned and instantly obeyed is. But what I found interesting is the guy from the church who just stood there watching it all. He seemed unhappy with the pastor. He was willing to stay there but the paster insisted he come inside with him. Interesting?

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      1. Beyond the fact it was such a ridiculous event, what stood out to me is the rhetoric used by the pastor. Boy-oh-boy, have I heard that line of BS more than once! In fact, it’s the “standard” response that most all Christians (and especially the leaders) use when confronted with resistance to “the faith.” They seem to think that calling attention to the “powers” of their god will make dissenters quiver in their boots.

        And the cop’s actions? So totally, totally wrong. But what can one say nowadays? Too many in the profession simply act on their own personal prejudices rather than the law.

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        1. Hello Nan. As I went to answer your comment and had it open in the bell thing, I made that stupid mistake I sometimes make. I have two computers on one keyboard and mouse. The mouse switches automatically between the two as I move it between screens, and normally the keyboard does also. But sometimes I have that feature turned off and I forget, move the mouse over and start typing. When I do that and the keyboard doesn’t switch then WordPress takes that as a command to trash or spam a comment. If I don’t notice it happen, I lose that comment forever. It happened with this comment of yours. Lucky I seen it and went to manually approve it again.

          What you said about the pastor interests me. So the pastors have set go to behaviors of what to say to people who disagree with them or ignore their authority? There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of religions that those that did not experience it are clueless about. The only time I notice the way a pastor acts is when they get caught on video being a jerk or asshole or both. So do tell, spill the beans! I would love to know how the tricks of these guys to better spot them scamming people. Thanks

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          1. those that did not experience it are clueless about … BE THANKFUL!!!

            One example is when he says he’s “called by God.” And another that the dissenter be considerate of “God Almighty” (with a point upwards). IMO, it’s more than obvious this pastor thinks because he IS a pastor that he has more rights than the guy with the sign. (I mean, after all, he is representing GOD and this is all taking place in front of his worship building!) Of course, the FACTS are that the guy with the sign is the one who is within his rights.

            Religiously-attuned people quite frequently seem to think because (according to them) they have “god” on their side, that automatically makes everyone else in the wrong.

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