Middle School Teacher FIRED For Being Pansexual

I like this video blogger.    A vlogger is someone who uses an avatar instead of their face while they do their videos.  The avatar is female, but the blogger is male, happily male.  Cis Male. Also is happily polysexual, but that is beside the point.    He uses a female avatar to make the point that it doesn’t matter to him, he doesn’t get upset over it.  I preferred it when he used his own face and body to do his videos, but I understand his point.  

His content covers a lot of subjects and I recommend you check out his other videos.   He is a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ rights despite having been raised a highly evangelical conservative Christian forced to attend church schools.   He admits he believed the crap forced on him and treated the LGBTQ+ very badly as a teen and young adult.  He even drove away a friend he had for years because the friend was gay.  Even though Chris tried to apologize that friend never forgave his treatment by Chris and that is something Chris understands and regrets to this day.  Suris / Chris claims it took getting away from his highly religious parents and that community living on his own in the real world that he had his eyes opened.  When he tried to push the religious views he had been taught to be normal and the way things should be he found himself at odds with all the people he wanted to be friends with.   Talking to them and listening to who they really were, he found he couldn’t reconcile that with what he had been taught.  So he started to open his eyes and change his views.  Unfortunately, as he says he can never make it up to those he hurt and bullied for his god because he was taught that was what his god wanted.   At least he is honest and will admit the damage his highly religious upbringing did to him and the people he encountered.  

At the very beginning there is some blog stuff he does with his followers, I usually ignore it as I am also doing other things.  It is not very long but if it bothers you please fast forward to the real subject of the video, a Florida teacher got fired for answering a question by her students over her family / sexual partner relationships.  Spoiler she was not graphic nor explicit, but she simply was not cis heterosexual one woman one man.  How dare she let kids know that all people don’t follow that religious dictate!  Watch the video to what life in the US under Republican rabid right religious wing is going to be like.  Remember these are not little kids these are middle schoolers what was called JR high in my schooling years.  This was not about teens drawing sexual pictures of their orientations but about the flags they drew representing their orientations.  Colored flags are now so offensive that you can be fired in Florida if they do not represent the republican religious heterosexual normative one man / one woman only nature of sexual expression.  I hate this so much!  The right wing media really misrepresented this story.  


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