Taliban Announces Afghan Women Must Cover Entirely, Stay Mostly Indoors

Is this what the religious SCOTUS want for US women.  The men to control their lives to the point where the men get punished for a woman’s actions because women have no agency and must be controlled like livestock?   We see the extremes when religion takes over a country, yet a segment of the US is driving us to that.   For years people said it couldn’t happen because we have a constitution and laws … well now we see what can happen if you install religious ideologues on the highest court that makes rulings on if a law is legal, and they are driven to support their religion’s rules over the constitution’s protections.   We become a country where religion becomes the most important aspect, where religion has the final say in a person’s rights or life.  This so against what the founders of this country really wanted it is stunning it is happening.   But one small group of the population wanted it and they worked hard through decades to get it.   This is the first time ever that SCOTUS has ruled that the constitution doesn’t support existing rights.  Never has SCOTUS been regressive, it was always progressive.  Until it was stacked with complete republican ideologs.   

“This is not about religion,” says Amna Nawaz on the heels of the Taliban’s announcement that women must cover entirely and stay indoors except for necessity. “This is about control.” »

6 thoughts on “Taliban Announces Afghan Women Must Cover Entirely, Stay Mostly Indoors

  1. A horrible situation for all the women, in Afghanistan. Like with our Christian churches, you cannot eridicate a religion, when other’s are misusing it since centuries. And yes, this has nothing to do with the religious life, its only about control. xx Michael

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    1. Hello Michael. You are correct. Plus when the ones controlling the religion along with the government are also armed thugs who have proven their vicious brutality, there is no way for a marginalized segment of the population to stand up for their rights. The women in Afghanistan had no chance of keeping the rights they gained with the Taliban gone because most the men wanted that control back. The women in the US are seeing their rights eroded as are the minority populations of people of color and the LGBTQ+. All because a segment of men wants their control over these groups back and are willing to be thugs to make it happen.


  2. Fortunately, there are brave and forceful women in this country that stand up for the rest of us. If it weren’t for them, we would no doubt eventually mimic Afghanistan. 🤢

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    1. Hello Nan. The reason the US has women’s rights is that the brave women and their allied men that fought for it were not facing armed hyper religious thugs who are sure their god regulated women to the status below livestock.

      I am not saying the brave women marching for suffrage and fighting for other woman’s issue had it easy. I am just saying that the Taliban would murder a crowd of women for simply daring to think they had rights instead of letting them march or form a movement. And in the US men joined women to help support the ideas of women’s rights just as straight allies joined with the LGBTQ+ in our fight for equal rights. In Afghanistan I posted how a family kept the wife / mother chained to the house or yard so she could still do her work but not leave. Now would the religious right do that here if they could, oh I think so. I think the rabid right would strip all rights from anyone not a straight white Christain male and they are working hard at it.

      I feel for the women and girls in Afghanistan. In some areas that the US controlled females had some rights as did the LGBTQ+. But in the non-US patrolled countryside areas the men never changed their ideas, never left the 1,500s. But we gave 20 years and all the men learned was how to get more corrupt using the US never ending money. As soon as they realized the money from the US was drying up, they switched cozying up to the Taliban moving back in across the country just waiting for the US to leave. Maybe they will grow into the 1,800s in a century or two.


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