Mitch McConnell Says National Abortion ‘Possible’ Under GOP Senate Control

The problem is the majority of this court is driven not by law but by religion.  They are doing the work of their god.  Same with a lot of Republican Governors who are trying to restrict the federal right of easy access to the so called abortion pills.   This SCOTUS is not willing to accept any laws that allow access to abortion or access to means to do it.  The people who analyze this say that the SCOTUS would simply strike down a pro-abortion law from the US congress even after saying it should be given back to the people’s representatives to decide.   Because the intent is to deny abortion no matter what and they don’t mind showing the hypocrisy in their rulings to do so.   They already have in the Texas anti-abortion shadow docket rulings.  This is 100% religion driven.  Alito given the right to write the opinion was deliberate as he is the most caustic to any allowance of abortion.  The release of the opinion was designed to stop any wavering right wing judges from moving to the other side.   Thank Ginni and Clarenc Thomas for the leak.   Ginni Thomas already leaked other documents and things about the court when it was in the rights favor to do so.  And the US moves to a theocracy unless somehow the democrats overwhelm gerrymandering and the new maga election officials to somehow fix this.  But I won’t count on it as Pelosi and the Dem leadership is backing an anti-choice Dem over a pro-choice Dem.  So abortion rights for women are really not that important to the Democratic leadership.

5 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Says National Abortion ‘Possible’ Under GOP Senate Control

  1. Scottie, I’m watching the video and, of course, support the women. -BUT- … the big drawback to the video is just that … it’s the WOMAN’s viewpoint. What is needed, IMO, are MEN who are strongly against this anti-abortion movement. Yes, at its core, the issue is about women, but there ARE men who support women’s rights … and I think they need to be heard just as much as the women.

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree 100%. When the majority of the lawmakers are men and the majority of judges are men it is critical that men step up and support the woman. I remember the BLM protests in Seattle where the police and military were attacking the protestors. White people would come out and march and when the police would attack the protestors the white men and women would step in front of the black people to say to the police that you have to attack us first. It worked for a while because the police did not want news videos showing angry police beating white women. All through history marginalized groups have found stronger allies to help them. Sort like NATO, an attack on one is an attack on all. But while men can be great allies, and voice ideas for moving the movement forward, I am 100% behind the idea that the body that owns the uterus gets to make all the decisions over that part of the body. I had about another 6 words to that sentence, but I read it and it doesn’t need any more words.

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