Homocon Podcaster Dave Rubin: New White House Press Secretary Got Job Because “She’s A Black Lesbo”

For those not familiar with Dave Rubin he has a history.    He is after the big bucks.  He used to be a liberal / progressive and was on the TYT network.   But that doesn’t pay the big bucks so he switched becoming a right wing token gay on The Blase network spouting far right talking points.  TheBlaze was a pay television network founded by Glenn Beck.   Rubin became wealthy, bought a mansion and cozied up to people that hated him for being gay and insulted Rubins same sex marriage to his face on his own show.   Then Rubin said he was moving to the maga haven of Florida from the evil liberal California.   That is when his well paying buddies turned on him.   See Dave Rubin announced in March that he and his husband, David Janet, had fathered children through In Vitro Fertilization and surrogacy.    The right attacked him, his spouse, the babies and are being vicious to him.    He is shock by it, they are supposed to attack the other LGBTQ+ but leave him alone as his is their token gay.   I am not sure but I heard that Beck turned on him and his show was moved to a crowd funded platform he co-founded.   He is a gay version of Candice Owens, a token who spouts what the right wants to hear that the right uses to claim that even gay people (black in Owens case) support their wild ideas.   

“She [Jen Psaki] will now be replaced by Karine Jean-Pierre. We know nothing about her other than the most important things — she’s a Black lesbo.

“And for that, she’s got the gig. Very exciting. She’s also married to a CNN anchor. You can’t make this stuff up.

“She’s married to Suzanne Malveaux who’s a CNN anchor. I did not know Suzanne is a lesbian. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“You would think in terms of optics, if you were bringing in a new White House press secretary, you could possibly find someone who wasn’t married to a CNN anchor.

“Do you think that would be possible? But the impossible is possible with these people.” – Homocon podcaster Dave Rubin, on today’s show.


BeccaM • 17 hours ago

Yes, there are such things as self-hating gay people.

Also gay men who are obviously misogynists, too.

He claims to know all these personal relationship things about Ms. Jean-Pierre, but not a fucking thing about her career or qualifications. When he says “we know nothing,” he’s confessing both is own personal ignorance and lack of caring to go find out.

She has a long history in both politics and press relations dating back to the beginning of the Obama administration.


TampaZeke BeccaM • 17 hours ago

Misogyny isn’t limited to men in the LGBT world. There are clearly some conservative, lesbian and transgender female misogynists too, not to mention some misandrists of all genders in the LGBT community.

Caitlyn Haiku TampaZeke • 16 minutes ago

The members of the anti-transgender cults (aka TERFs) which closely work with far-right religious groups like the Heratige Foundation and Liberty Council, are some of the worst misogynists because on one hand they (falsely) claim to be feminists, then support the most misogynistic, anti-feminist groups around.

(((heleninedinburgh))) TampaZeke • 19 hours ago

Western society is institutionally misogynistic (and racist, homophobic, transphobic, and all the rest of it). We have to unlearn the bigotries we absorb. A lot of people don’t bother.

Houndentenor (((heleninedinburgh))) • 18 hours ago

It’s a good deal of work to root out all the racism and sexism and other bigotry we were indoctrinated with and discard it. I know I’m not done, but I am working on it. Some lgbt people just double down on it. I don’t get it.

Houndentenor BeccaM • 18 hours ago

She’s black and lesbian and therefore must not be as qualified as any white straight man who was under consideration for the job.

Seriously, Rubin just gets more deranged. I guess that’s what happens when you turn on your own community for a gig. No friends except for people who don’t believe he should have any rights. I’d rather starve.

Rebecca Gardner • 20 hours ago

This country has degraded into Kindergarten IQ bullying and utter stupidity. How has this not just become a thing, but become the norm?

Steverino JauntyJohn • 19 hours ago

So I suppose he is comfortable being referred to as a “homo,” although “fascist faggot” might be more of a badge of honor.

Gigi • 19 hours ago

And Rubin got his job because he’s a white, self-loathing gay man who’s married to a man who’s his producer.

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