2 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Texas Governor Costing State Billions

  1. For some reason, I decided to watch this video 😮. (Good cc!)

    Although I think what the guy said has merit, who is he? Will anyone listen to him? Will what he says make any difference to the average Texan?

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    1. Hello Nan. I listened to him. You did. I think he is trying to reach a segment of the audience that thinks people that look and sound like him are the smart Texas homeboy people. Everyone has people they prefer to listen to or watch because of their voice or looks. Carmen loves Beau’s videos, but her husband hates them even though Carmen says he agrees with a lot of what he says. You like Brian Cohen but I think he talks too fast and puts a lot of information into a short video. But I like his content and enjoy his videos. I just wish he would talk slower. But I have been living in the deep south for a long time so I have lost my faster up north talking speed. Plus I think I am getting old. 😛🙃😉😀

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