The car is home and looks like new

Hey everyone.   An update on our car.   So yesterday we got a call from Bob, a service manager, that the car was ready and to call him.  Ron did not want to deal with it yesterday, so he called him this morning about 9 AM.   At 9:46 I got a call from a desk person saying that Bob was busy with meetings but our car was ready and we could just come in and get it.   I said but we wanted to have a meeting with Bob first.   The person said she was just told us to tell us the car was ready and we could come get it.   I said OK we would, but I wanted her to register with management that I was disgusted that after all this time they thought we should just come get the car like nothing had happened and no one was willing to talk to us about it or give me the detailed list of damage.   At 9:50 Bob called back.  He said it was not meant that way, he was busy in meetings and did not want us to think he was ignoring us and it was not meant that he wouldn’t meet with us … and so on.   

I had a really bad night; I am on day three of the cold which is gone from my head but seems to have settled in my spine.  I have been in a lot of pain from my stupid lifting of the bags of soda, but this morning I was really hurting.  

So we told Bob that if he had time we would come in this morning.   I also told him that the sales department had never contacted us, not even to say they couldn’t work anything out with us.   I explained that I was really pissed at that and wouldn’t buy another vehicle from the dealership.   He really was upset over that and when we met with him he showed us his texts to the person at the dealership and the assurances they would contact us.   He said he was going to contact the person again and raise hell as his word was on the line and it lost the company customers. 

We drove down there and turned in the Lincoln they gave us.  Then we explained we were there to speak to Bob.   He came out and got us.   He talked to us and took us out to the car.  It was a bit of a walk, and he first took us to the wrong car.   It was the wrong color and model, and I was laughing.  He asked what was funny and I said nice car but not ours.   He laughed also.  He found ours nearby.     It was not a big deal.   We looked over the car and talked about a lot of stuff including the value of the car and he told us something we did not know.   Our car is the most sought after model in used cars and that was why he was shocked the salespeople had not contacted us.   I told him how KBB had valued the car at $24,500 and he said we could get a lot more than that for it.   Especially as it has low milage and is pristine inside and out.  

After a while my back was getting to the point where I couldn’t stand upright and was in danger of falling.   I asked if we could go back inside and sit down to keep talking as there was nothing more to be found out by looking at the car.  He agreed and said his back was also bad and it was hurting him also to stand out there.   

Weird thing he served in both the Army and Air Force, and I had served in the Navy and the Army.  It is rare to meet someone who has done more than one branch of the military.  

Back in his office he went through it all, showed us and gave to us not only the parts breakdown but the costs of the repairs.    He was open and honest.   Ron and I told him the history of events before he got involved and after up to the present meeting.  He was very apologetic, and he offered to put it up on a lift so we could look at the underside.   I told him I wouldn’t know what I was looking at and Ron who would know said it was not needed.  He answered every question and spent a lot of time with us.   He gave each of us his card so if we have any questions we could call him.   He even talked to us about which cars were worth looking into and what Ford cars to avoid.    As we were checking out, he came up and gave us a bunch of Ford stuff like hats, key rings, and other things.   He also asked again if I minded if he contacted the sales department because he felt that they wronged us and him, and he did not like that.   Ron was like why bother but I said yes if they call me I might feel more inclined to buy a car from the dealership but if they did not, I wouldn’t ever buy a car from them again and listed nearby Ford dealerships I would look into.   

By this time my back had gone from hurting to super painful.   I couldn’t stand sitting in the chair in his office but when I went to stand up Ron had to help me.   Then on the trip home while the firm seat back felt good against my back every bump, slow down, acceleration, lane switch caused me such pain I was near tears as we were near the store we had planned to get subs from.   Instead Ron brought me home.    Once home I took an extra morphine and two tramadol.   I am still in pain but the medication has dulled the super sharp pain now at an hour plus 30 minutes after taking them.   I can think better again.  The pain was so bad I was almost crying, it was hard to think, and even breathing made it worse.    Ron has decided that I have to schedule the spine shots even though it will cost $300 dollars.  We had a lot of bills hit in February and March so I thought we couldn’t afford the shots.  But while it is not something I am willing to do every two months we can afford it every 4 to 6 months.   And the doctor says I need them, and my body says I need them.  

Ron went out and opened the hood and did some minor vacuuming of the vent trays.  Everything he looked at looked very good to him.   I had asked Bob why the car was in the paint shop, and he explained that the fenders and other parts are neutral color to be painted the color of the car they are going on.  Everything looks great.  The only concern I have is on the way home a person cut us off by moving from the far left lane into the side of our car in the middle lane continuing to the far right lane.   Ron hit the brakes and blew the horn which the person in the car did not care about, but the sensors never registered the near collision.  We also noticed that the Lane Assist system had trouble picking up the lane markings which it always did before.   Ron will call Bob in a bit.   I had hoped the car adventure was over, but it seems to be there are a few more chapters to be written.  

8 thoughts on “The car is home and looks like new

    1. Hello Michael. The car has a lot electronic sensors. The sensors are not working. The systems for safety and security simply are not working. So it has to go back, we are waiting for a call from the dealership for a day to bring it back. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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  1. Maybe try weed?… I don’t know. I ‘hear’ it’s good for pain without addiction…
    Hopefully in the coming weeks you’ll feel upbeat enough (no pressure) to get some meme roundups
    out again.

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    1. Hello Random Troll. I live in Florida. Weed is not legal yet here even though the people tried to legalize it some time ago with a referendum that the elected politicians decided they could ignore. My pain doctors said they will ignore it if it comes up on drug screen, but they don’t provide it. So for right now I have to take powerful drugs with side effects. After all the poor drug manufacturers need to make even more profit from poor people who cannot afford their drugs. I am in the donut hole now. I have a prescription for Jardiance, a blood sugar medication, which will cost me $458.64 a month until I hit the other side of the hole. The way things are going I cannot afford to live, and I am too poor to die.


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