Sigh off on posts and comments / replies.

For over a decade I signed off everything I wrote with hugs.  When asked I explained that I never got touched as a child that was not to harm or hurt and so hugs without a required sexual act became a treat.    But not all adults like to be hugged and some people who I left comments for seriously objected to that sign off.

The history of my hugs sign off was when I started my first blog in 2007 I found a blog by a young gay boy from Europe that always signed off every post or comment reply with hugs.  When asked why he said / wrote that he wrote it was because he cared about everyone and wanted to hug them.   I loved that idea.   

But what caused me to stop the practice was when I was on right wing websites I would forget and sign my comments with hugs or when I wrote a business email I would forget to delete that part of the signature.    Boy the extra abuse was over the top and it seemed to give the rabid right something to focus on rather than my comment.  And for the business email it resulted in weird exchanges.    So, I stopped.  

But it constantly bothers me.  Everything I write seems unfinished without a sign off.  I tried a few times with “Best Wishes”.  But the fact is sadly I do not wish everyone best wishes.  However even an enemy I would offer a hug to.  

I hate the feeling that everything I write is not finished until I add a sign off that is part of me.   I am seriously thinking of going back to Hugs as my sign off.   It just feels right.   For the people I care for I say hugs instead of bye on the phone.  I tried to break myself of that and it seems weird.  

So unless there is a real valid complaint against it, I am going back to using hugs as my sign off.   If I make a mistake and use it on a right wing web site, I will take the abuse.  If any of you have a better idea, then please share it.  If it feels as good to me as “Hugs” I will use it.  Also what is wrong with the US society that consensual hugs between adults are something to be feared?

Please let me know your thoughts.    Hugs. 

11 thoughts on “Sigh off on posts and comments / replies.

    1. Hello Ali, I have not decided yet. Some days I think I will use a sign off and some days I don’t care about it. It is something I will decide later. As most people don’t care it is not something I have to make my mind up right away. Best wishes.

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    1. Hello Shelldigger. You’re welcome. I think what I have to do is accept that it is ok not to get into the habit of using it everywhere. But then it had become quite a habit that is hard to break. I think I can use it on the blog and be OK now with not using it in the wrong situations. Anyway, time will tell. Besides some people get way too upset over one small four letter word. Hugs


      1. Well, eff em anyway! Keep up the good work.

        Hugs 😉

        Hey, what happened to the cartoon thing? I haven’t seen them here in some time. I need my toons man! I’m getting the shakes, I need em bad!

        Heck, I hardly post much these days, the world has gone to shit, and I just want to forget about it at times… and just focus on close to home, and hope there is still something to wake up to tomorrow. Plus I’m back in the water again, which happens to be my happy place and it keeps me busy…

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        1. Hello Shelldigger. I am really glad you are able to get back to and spend time in your enjoyment, the water. I look forward to you dropping your stories on your blog or even here in the comments. I have found the things you write to not only have a entertaining side but also to be very instructive in how to deal with issues.

          The cartoons are comeing back but in a much more limited amount per post. The issue I am having right now is I cannot sit at my desk for any lenth of time. When I hurt my self trying to carry those two bags of soda it did something to the mid back muscles on the right side that has not healed in two months. It is spasming so bad that while laying down is better it doesn’t stop or go away. If I try to cover it so I can sit by taking extra medications I have to take so much morphine, narcotics, and muscle realers that I can not think clearly and the next day I feel like I went on a three day binge bar hopping. I have an appointment with my pain doctor Brenda on June 9th, she always knows how to help me.

          Thank you for your support on the way I like to sign off, my use of hugs. I was going back and forth and then one person said to me it is you, it is how we know you, if you feel good doing it and want to, then don’t let the haters stop you. Sort of like you said “eff em”. It is me, it is what I like, it is how I feel and when I was writing leaving it off it felt like the comment or post was unfinshed. I felt something was undone I needed to go back and do. I don’t need that at my point in life and I don’t need the approval of right wing haters that want to deny me and my kind even the right to live. I Spent most of my life learning to be me, I forgot that lesson for a while. Hugs


          1. Yes, the water is my happy place. My age is catching up with me, it hurts more, it takes longer to recover from the effort, it’s too hot, or it’s too cold, too windy, too much current, it’s always something. But yet I still go.

            I get back spasms, I know what it’s like. The word spasm doesn’t do the experience justice. Screaming freaking agony is a better term. Last time I was at my pain Dr. he told me when you have those, get in a tub of the hottest water you can stand and soak. And take the muscle relaxers 😉

            Scotty, you are overthinking the hugs thing. Those of us who know and love ya, we get where you are coming from, we know it’s a sincere part of you. We appreciate it. We return it. The idiots that take issue, like I said, eff em!

            Hugs man.

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  1. I’m gonna go out on a twig here…
    I don’t think anyone here cares that its ‘hugs’. Its YOUR signoff. Thats how we know its you.
    (sounds rude… don’t mean it to be)

    Keep on using it.
    Or in Millenial-speak (?), you do you.


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    1. Hello Random Troll. And that made my mind up. Thank you. I feel good about it again. I got so much grief over it I was unsure. But it is me. I should be me. I spend so much time sticking up for others I sometimes forget to stick up for myself. Hugs


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