LOS ANGELES TIMES: Immigration officials created network that can spy on majority of Americans, report says

Immigration officials created network that can spy on majority of Americans, report says
A new report shows that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are spying on the majority of Americans, in many cases circumventing privacy laws including those in California.

Read in Los Angeles Times: https://apple.news/AUcmPWTfASxqVyi2KXhLGxg

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4 thoughts on “LOS ANGELES TIMES: Immigration officials created network that can spy on majority of Americans, report says

    1. Hello Michael. The ICE people became a rouge agency that feels they are above the law and are full of xenophobic racists who want to keep brown people out and keep the US a white ethno state that is run by conservative traditionalists.


    1. Hello Keith. Sadly they are skirting the laws doing something that the country has made legal. Everything business does is to make a profit and our personal data is a big profit. Zuckerberg figured that out, the entire aim of Facebook is to get people to freely give up as much information about themselves as possible. As a long time computer tech, I learned a long time ago that the Windows operating system was designed to shove as much information about what people do on their computer to Microsoft as possible. Go through the settings, especially the privacy settings and see how everything is designed to send data to the company. According to the tech journals I have read the new Windows is designed to remove the privacy controls the current windows lets people use. Microsoft once said that 10 would be their last operating system as it had everything and could be updated forever. But data collection has improved greatly. Most people have no clue how much data their computer shares with every website they go to. Websites try to learn what other websites you visited before them for example. The stores gather your data, your phone gathers and shares your data. and so on.

      So ICE buys the data they want from third party vendors. That is big business, selling databases built on all of us. The funny thing is the NSA and other government agencies have one of the largest most complete databases on everyone. But ICE was not to have the information so had to use taxpayer funds to buy it piecemeal. I hope the corporate owned leaders of the country get replaced with people that care about the people of the country and take control of rogue agencies and establish rules for both government and businesses that keep them from taking advantage of and hurting the public. But I doubt the US democracy will last long enough for that, the Republicans seem driven to make the US a one party controlled government controls the people not the people control the government.


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