Leaked Audio Catches Lindsey Graham Rooting For Biden After January 6th

New York Time reporters Alex Burns and Johnathon Martin are continuing their series of leaking audio recordings from prominent Republicans and the newest revelation comes from Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham was recorded saying that Joe Biden would be a great replacement for Donald Trump as President, especially after the January 6th Capitol riots.

Read more HERE: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2… “New York Times reporters and CNN political analysts Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin join CNN’s Anderson Cooper to discuss new audio of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) talking about his personal beliefs involving former President Trump and his behavior during the January 6 attack.”

6 thoughts on “Leaked Audio Catches Lindsey Graham Rooting For Biden After January 6th

  1. He’s a Genuine and Total Wimp. And people that don’t recognize this have their heads stuck in the sand. Personally, if I was someone who had contact with him, I wouldn’t grant him credibility for ANYTHING he says.

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    1. He reminds me of that slimy senator in Godfather Part 2 whom Michael Corleone frames for murder so he can have him in his back pocket. Trump has something on Graham because no self respecting human being would otherwise walk around with his face covered in Trump’s ass stench the way he continually does.

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      1. Hello Jeff. As I said to Nan he is like a remora latching on to a shark. Yes I suspect Putin has something on Graham and gave it to tRump. Graham was a complete never tRumper, he bad mouthed tRump all the time. Then he goes and played golf with tRump for two hours after trump became president. After the golf game Graham was interviewed and he talked glowingly about tRump. What changed in those two hours? Remember the Russians hacked both the DNC and the RNC but released only the stuff they had on the democrats. They have a lot of dirt on the republicans they are holding over their heads. I think Graham is one of those Russia has something on. It could be financial or sexual, but it is something Graham is desperate to keep hidden. Hugs

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    2. Hello Nan. Yes! He is craven and latches on to powerful people like a remora on a shark. His only loyalty is to his big money donors in the defense industry. He has never met a use of weapons he did not champion. But helping the people, no chance, they are not powerful enough to get his attention. Hugs

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