Texas Paul REACTS to New Leaked Eastman Emails Outlining Coup Attempt

Please watch this!  I know some people wont like his style of talking, but he is clear easy to follow on the methodical way Eastman and tRump tried to get the states to throw out the voters electors to install fake ones.  Even just to sow doubt.  I know everything he says, I have read it many times in documents and reports.  But his easy way of putting it together and laying it out is a great listen.   We need to get people to understand how close the coup came and how deeply so many people were involved.   If you think that DeathSantis or Ted Cruz or any Republican wouldn’t try this if they got the presidency you are mistaken.  This is the Republican goal.   Well I can only ask you to listen and share.  Hugs

Newly leaked emails show Trump Attorney John Eastman urging Republican legislators in Pennsylvania to retabulate the state’s popular vote — and throw out tens of thousands of absentee ballots — in order to show Donald Trump with a lead. Texas Paul dissects this story and its role in the broader coup attempt on January 6.

23 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to New Leaked Eastman Emails Outlining Coup Attempt

  1. WHOA!!!! I like this guy, Scottie! Is he, by any chance, Beau of the Fifth Column’s father, because he reminds me so much of an older Beau! And he is spot on! He enlightened me on some things that even I wasn’t aware of, and raised my alert level by about 500%. Thanks for sharing this very important message! Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. When I said I subscribed to his channel I really subscribed to a channel he is frequently on. He only does his stuff on TikTok, and I don’t have a TikTok account. But when he pops up I will try to grab them and post them. Hugs

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  2. Scottie, we have long said when you dig underneath whatever Donald Trump touches, it is far worse than what gets publicized. This independent and former Republican (and Democrat) voter believes the former president needs to be on trial for alleged seditious actions. There are a lot of folks pleading guilty already and some who have been found such. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I agree. I think it is important for the US to be a nation of laws that apply to everyone equally. To have a small set of powerful political people above the law would make the US a banana republic in some respects. The Republicans say that prosecuting a losing candidate for office for their crimes looks like revenge or retaliation, but that ignores the fact that the candidate broke the laws in the first place. Plus I remember the many attacks / hearings focused on Hillary by Republicans in congress when they held power with the idea of hurting her political career.

      To me this is not a political issue but a matter of law. I see this as showing the world and our own people how the US is a just country where we expect our leaders to be honorable people who follow the laws of the land. Hugs


      1. Scottie, I just posted this on Jill’s reblog. It repeats some of the above, but also includes reference to Bill Barr and Chris Krebs comments that got them fired by the ego-maniacal acting former president. Keith

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        1. “Jill, thanks for sharing Scottie’s post on this well-articulated argument. Scottie and I have long talked about what is underneath the hood of Donald Trump’s shenanigans, in general, but specifically to the Big Lie, is far worse than what has made the press. This is not a surprise and is further evidence that the former president should be charged with seditious actions and appear in court. There have already been several folks who have pled guilty or have been found guilty for seditious actions. What is also scary is the number of Republican Congresspeople who are involved in these actions. The question is not whether Trump could win again. The question is why has he not been charged yet. We must remember Trump’s appointed Attorney General Bill Barr said to Trump’s face in a group meeting his election fraud claims were “bullshit.” Barr was asked to leave. That was in December, 2020. In November 2020, Trump had the head of election cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, was fired for saying the truth that this was the most secure election in our history. We need these sycophants to step up and remember our tribe is the United States of America not the Republican party. Keith”

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:

    I had never heard of ‘Texas Paul’ until I saw this video Scottie posted last night. He sums up all the major events perpetrated by Trump & his cronies that very nearly overturned our government from November 2020 ’til January 2021, the failed coup that nearly succeeded, and he does so in a clear, understandable way that … well, take a look for yourself …

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    1. Hello Jill. Thank you for the reblog and spreading the word. Maybe, just maybe if enough people learn these facts, we can save democracy in the US and become again a country where the elected leaders have to follow the same laws as the people do. Our elected leaders should be models of the best behavior to follow, not how to comit more crimes and get away with it. Hugs

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      1. I agree, Scottie … we need to get this information out to as many people as we can … it’s too important to let the Republicans keep it buried. You’re right that our elected leaders should be setting an example, but … when did any Republican last do that? I honestly would have to say … maybe George W. Bush, despite his other issues. Or perhaps his father. None of late, for sure!

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  4. Hi Scottie. Glad to have been spurred on to find your site (now if WP will let me ‘follow’).
    I’ll cut to the chase, as the saying goes.
    And apologise for repeating this theme:
    These fools are playing with fire. They are nudging the USA towards an Ulster like situation.

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    1. Hello deteremineddespitewp. The issue is they crave power, and they believe government office is their ticket to personal profit. It has nothing to do with public service or the good of the people. It is totally about them getting the power to keep power that will let them control others. They don’t care about democracy; they want a one political party rule as long as it is their party. Hugs

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    2. Hello deteremineddespitewp. I also wanted to thank you for following my site and the news and commentary I throw out. I sometimes post a lot of stuff and not everything is for everyone. I hope you will find a lot of stuff here to enjoy. Hugs

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      1. I think, Scottie, I found the ‘follow’, but have little faith in WP to be as it is told.
        However my watch will be kept, and am sure there will be much of interest on your site.
        Best wishes
        (And time for bedtime in the UK🥱)- See you soon.

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