Police Officer Gets Fired, Costs City $650K For This (Video)

6 thoughts on “Police Officer Gets Fired, Costs City $650K For This (Video)

  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Yet one more instance that proves we need a complete overhaul of law enforcement in this nation, and not just in North Carolina, but in every single state! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I thank the use of video for the changes we are seeing. But far too often now the police are doing things to stop anyone from videoing them. From attacking a 61 year old woman for filming them when she had a legal right to do so, to turning their own body cameras off all the time. One new tactic the police are using to prevent viral videos online is to play copyrighted music so any video with sound will get taken off YouTube and other platforms. But in that video I noticed two officers upset with the actions of the abusive cop, and the black woman police officer did everything she could and faced a stiff backlash I bet after as she tried to help the people against the bad cop. The look on her face as the bad cop claims they don’t have cards and then the others handing over their cards but him was priceless. Video is changing the situation some, but we have a long way to go. Hugs

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      1. Tonight I watched police arresting that white 18-year-old who shot 13 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. The police did not use force on him, he stayed standing while they cuffed him and put him into the cruiser. I said to my daughter, “If he had been Black, he’d have been thrown to the ground, kicked, and a booted foot placed on his neck.” Yes, body cams and video by bystanders is changing the landscape … slowly. But, the abuses continue and I think it’s only a matter of time until there’s another George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. You are very correct. The problem is that back in the 1960s the white supremacists in reaction to the civil rights laws made a push to become law enforcement officers. Another large surge came in the 1990s. The police forces are full of racist. They did what the religious groups did, they put their own believers in positions where they could force their views on others that they disliked / hate. I noticed that the shooter wrote that he wanted to start a race war. Most of these shooters say the same thing, they think we are on the brink of full scale war of the races in the US that will let the whites wipe out and control the blacks. All it needs is just a trigger. Where are they getting that stupid idea? Just as the Proud Boys felt they could overthrow the government on Jan 6, I ask where did they get that idea? I think it comes back to a few very wealthy racist bigots like the mercers and the Koch brother(s) that have invested a huge amount of money in the most radical right wing ideas and fund people like Steve Bannon, Ben Shapiro, media like Breitbart and Prager U. They are deliberately spreading their disease of hate and harm all over the world. Best wishes. Hugs

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          1. This afternoon I read a bit about that “great replacement theory” that this kid ascribed to, and frankly I have never heard such a crock of garbage, such spewing of stupidity in my life! It that is how white supremacists think, they yeah, perhaps it is past time for us to ‘replace’ them!

            You may be right that it all originates with the likes of the Mercer and Koch families, but I’m more inclined to think it originates in the ‘Christian’ churches, particularly the evangelicals. Funny, isn’t it, that the ‘Jesus’ they claim to believe in was actually a Middle Easterner, and yet today they hate Middle Easterners. Their Jesus told them to love everybody and help everyone, but today they are more inclined to hate and hurt those who don’t have white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Hmmmm … sound familiar? Aryan? Sigh. At this particular moment, I really hate this nation and what it has become. Hugs

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            1. Hello Jill. I was saying that the world wide racist networks are funded by the Mercer’s and the Koch’s. But the replacement garbage has a long antisemite history. But in the US it was only groups like the KKK that used it and it was a fringe thing for over a hundred years. Then one good looking young energetic rich white boy started pushing it, hard. This former bow tie wearing racist bigot pushed almost nightly their theory that brown people were being recruited and brought to the US to replace white guys like him by Democrats. Yes Tucker spearheaded the movement. Funny he never mentioned white immigrants as diluting his vote, just the brown people immigrants were doing that. Plus he always claims it is illegal immigrants replacing white people, even though it is well known that undocumented people cannot vote. That is where the election fraud that busloads of illegals were bussed in to vote for Biden so tRump would lose. When you tell them people here in the US illegally cannot vote they don’t believe you because so many Fox hosts have now started echoing and enhancing Tuckers crap. BTC had a video up I posted about Fox hosts nastily saying the brown babies were getting food while American (white) babies are starving to death. Same hosts that that daily railed against the plan to give poor families $300 a week to feed poor kids. It was working but you know that is far too much money to give the poor per Manchin.

              Fear, the Republican party runs on fear. The followers / viewers get an emotional high from the anger and outrage that Fox amps up all through the day.

              But they real reason the Republican party has embraced this horrible replacement idea is because the party doesn’t want to change to grow. The way a party grows is to reach out and convince people the political party will work for them. The only group the current Republican party wants to work for are the wealthy and the only members they want are white people. As the white majority is shrinking, which is normal that the population changes, the Republican party refuses to embrace change so shrinks also. Thier solution is to demonize the other side as they always do. Hugs


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