Texas Paul TAKES ON America’s Gun Crisis

Texas Paul gives us his personal perspective on how to solve America’s mass shooting epidemic.

3 thoughts on “Texas Paul TAKES ON America’s Gun Crisis

  1. Well, I made it through his ramblings. Although he said some things that made sense, there’s little doubt this issue is going to be solved in my lifetime. And part of the reason is the reaction of my other-half after I shared the video with him. Although he admitted the guy had some good ideas, he also pointed out the negatives (Surprise! Surprise!). He also mentioned some things the guy said that really had NO bearing on the gun issue, but that he disagreed with. But this is typical of the “other side” — to distract from the true issue at hand.

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    1. Hello Nan. I understand. Really his message goes against the progression of the country itself. What he is saying is to change the idea that “might makes right” idea. But civil discourse used to be the normal. The name for politicians used to be statesman. But the right has made it a point to shatter norms of decency. The right has made it a point to say they have a right to force others to do what they want regardless of laws. The right wants the ability to discriminate and deny others services based on what they do not like while refusing to accept that same denial when they refused to follow Covid masking requirements. He basically is saying let’s go back to the 1970’s idea of what guns were and how people should act. And as much as I like that idea that is toothpaste out of the tube that we have to deal with. It ignores reality and the years leading to today. But I do understand what you are saying, when shown facts those that don’t want to accept them will grasp at any straw or simply refuse to accept them and as you say they will distract from the true issue. Hugs

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