Fox News host gives Republican Governor bad news live on air

7 thoughts on “Fox News host gives Republican Governor bad news live on air

  1. “I can’t even imagine …” — As Brian says, this is the crux of the problem … men CANNOT imagine. But they go full-speed ahead on trying to control a woman’s womb based on, not the woman and her concerns/position in life, but on their outdated and biased and idiotic views on abortion.

    One cannot help but wonder what HE would do if one of those daughters of his turned up pregnant.

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    1. Hello Nan. I have no doubt what he would do. His daughters are important. They have their entire lives before them. They have dreams, goals, they shouldn’t be saddled with kids at this age. More important, they are white and have money / connections. They will go on a trip, a vacation, a visit somewhere and this problem they have will go away. No mess, no fuss, no press. They are important to themselves; others are not important. They don’t care the hardship to other people, poor women shouldn’t have had careless sex, those women were irresponsible. His daughters got caught in a bad situation, the other women were just “loose women who did not respect themselves”. You know the things these people use to justify their positions. This morning a Republican woman was asked if she would insist a 12 / 13 year old rape victim carry her pregnancy to term and she replied yes because there was a child in there that has its whole life ahead of them. When informed that the pregnant child also had their entire life ahead of them the Republican woman did not understand the point. She replied that nowhere in her bill was it said they were going to kill the pregnant child but they were trying to save the other child growing in her. Hugs

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      1. O.M. Gawd! There simply is NO LIMIT to the idiocy that some of these people demonstrate!! I hope the person interviewing her repeated back what she had just said!

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        1. Hello Nan. Nope it was in a republican controlled chamber and the leader was keeping a tight leash on the Democrats and what they could ask, warning them several times. The Republicans are not interested in representing the people on this just as they are not interested in representing the people on anything else. They have decided this is the way to go to keep their religious voters and as that makes up a large part of the base they still have, they are ramming these laws through everywhere along with anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Hugs

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  2. Would that I could address the Governor directly….
    ‘Socialist Democrat Left’????
    Sir, most of the US Democrat Party would be given a very hard time by the European Left if they claimed to be on that platform.
    If you are going to tackle such a sensitive issue…OK be ‘super-sensitive’ and be ‘super-compassionate’ if you will, but do not try and use labels when you have no idea of the meaning of the words you are using.
    And here’s the thing, Sir……If you are going to stick with that claim of ‘Social Left’, a system which many Americans find repellent because they believe such a system impinges of personal freedom, then how do you square that with limiting a woman’s choice by ‘state’ intervention. On that score alone you could be seen as ‘socialist’ .
    I rest my case.

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