NBC NEWS: Laws restricting lessons on racism make it hard for teachers to discuss the massacre in Buffalo

Laws restricting lessons on racism make it hard for teachers to discuss the massacre in Buffalo
In Texas, a teacher told her students she was required by law to provide them with multiple perspectives on the racist conspiracy theory that allegedly motivated the deadly attack.

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/A7gRsEZCBQqGYcTyRC1C7GA

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10 thoughts on “NBC NEWS: Laws restricting lessons on racism make it hard for teachers to discuss the massacre in Buffalo

  1. From the article: “Our educational system I believe should be teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and factual history, and stay out of politics,” It is FACTUAL HISTORY that a white person killed 10 black people.

    So the question to the students could/should be … “Why do you think this individual killed these people?” There is no mention of race, so no “politics” are involved. It is asking for the students’ opinion on why the killing took place. Now if the students choose to bring up racism, what happens then?

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    1. The teacher gets fired for allowing her students to ask “woke” questions let me that and good, warm, decent, ‘Murican questions like “Those black people were killed cause they were trying to kill and replace good decent white people, right? They were libs, right?” Ah, I feel sooooo glad these days to be an American living in this fine country where all are loved and accepted and everyone is free from gun violence cause guns are so hard to get. 😁

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    2. Hello Nan. How can you remove politics from history or what happened in history. I love history, and when I could have schoolbooks I would devour the history books, reading them all the way to the end, not just what we were covering in school. The reason I could understand history is the interconnection between events. I never learned history by date. Dates meant little to me, I really did not understand that time frame. But I could understand why if people A did action B other people did C, and how that would lead to D and on.

      The Tulsa race massacre cannot be understood without discussing the political situation of it and around it.

      The idea that events happen in a vacuum is stupid, but it helps the right obscure and minimize things they don’t want others to know about. How can you talk about gay rights, same sex marriage, or even the SCOTUS without mentioning politics? That doesn’t even get to stuff that makes people uncomfortable. When I was in science class girls that did not want to dissect a frog because it made them uncomfortable got to leave the class no questions asked. Boys did not get that choice. I was not comfortable cutting up a dead frog and I did not learn anything from the class. But I did not get asked if I was uncomfortable. I knew I was not allowed to leave.

      School should be a time to expand a kid’s understanding and to show them new things, introduce them to new ideas and worlds they may not have realized existed.

      These bills trying to restrict what can be said and what kids can learn based on what makes their parents uncomfortable are just another way to take the country back to a time when it was just always understood sex was shameful, blacks were lessor people, and whites were always in charge as it should be. These people want the past.

      We must not give it to them. If they win on these issues now, they won’t ever stop. This is authoritarianism at the start. This is government forcing people to obey rather than government listening to the people. This is Russia and China, but never should be the USA. Hugs


      1. “I love history …” Yes, but not everyone does. I didn’t care for it at all. Nevertheless, I don’t deny that it definitely plays a role in education. However, to use “in-your-face” teaching methods on politically sensitive issues is not going to fly. Your post points that out. So, as with many other “sensitive” topics, I think people must sometimes work around them in their efforts towards the end goal.


        1. Hello Nan. The post was about how teachers cannot talk about nor answer questions from the students about the racist motivated shootings under these new laws. That is not “in-your-face” teaching, it is being denied teaching topics the government doesn’t want taught. There is no difference between this and restricting the teaching of evolution. There is not a difference between this and being forced to teach creationism also. It is government taking over and mandating the teaching of the approved government line only. In this case it is in red states that are pushing a maga whites are good, America is the greatest always, the US never does anything wrong, and there are no LGBTQ+ people in the country stance. It is the same as doctors being told they must lie to women who want an abortion or pharmacists being blocked from saying anything negative about ivermectin parasite paste being given for Covid treatments.

          These people want to whitewash slavery. They have done it in Texas and in Virgina where as I posted in Texas the line on slavery is these were immigrant workers whose lives were improved by learning Christianity in America bringing them out of savagery and in Virginia textbooks I posted the slaves were valued loved members of the family so well treated they loved what they were doing and refused to leave their white masters. This is not “in-your-face” teaching to correct that. It is reality. Hugs


          1. I understand your point. Really I do. I was just saying that there ARE ways around this issue that teachers can use to get the point across. It’s a balancing game, for sure, but I think it can be done. Of course, the bottom line is that they shouldn’t have to worry about what they say/teach! But unfortunately, that is the way the Repukes want it, so when they’re in charge dedicated teachers simply have to come up with ways to work around the “rules.” THAT was my point.

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            1. Hello Nan. I understand. My fear is we will end up with an enlargement of the problem that home school students face when they try to go on to higher education or just move into the public workspace. The home school kids are not able to understand nor catch up to kids that learned the topics in real schools. Such as kids that were taught creationism vs evolution / biology trying to go into a medical school. When I took my CNA schooling, I met young people like that, they just couldn’t wrap their head around anything biological that was not biblical based. I also have read and listened to stories of religious kids like Suris / Chris who moved from deeply religious educations to the public workspace, and they struggle to understand the social concept of not everyone believing / following the same cultural rules. Many religions disapprove of higher education such as the Jehovah witnesses because their kids end up leaving the faith once they get an education.

              But to the point of red states vs blue states education, I worry we are seeing the same thing but on a much larger scale. The red states teaching a bigoted racist world view indoctrinating kids into the maga world where diversity is bad, white male superiority is expected, the entire 1950 cultural mindset with science / biology / history taking a back seat to religion and ideology is correct on one side and then on the other hand you have blue states teaching diversity and acceptance of science / history / biology without religious interference, tolerance, and openness with progressive values teaching multiple religions are OK but shouldn’t be dominant in the public sqaure. I have seen this play out in other countries.

              Scholarly work in the 2010s detailed democratic backsliding, in various forms and to various extents, in Hungary and Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela and India.

              I see this in countries that the leaders turn to religion to justify their curtailing rights like Russia that outlawed any positive LGBTQ+ while still hammering how evil it is. Turkey’s leader used religion as an excuse to stay in power after he was term limited then changed the laws so he could stay in power.

              I am simply saying the wealthy people combined with the really religious people have seen what worked to get their way in other countries and are now making a hard push to do it here in the US. It scares the crap out of me that they already managed to take over the body that decides what is legal or not in the US. They won’t stop with just abortion, Alito put that in his written ruling. Hugs

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