Trump Stooge Wants To Indoctrinate Kids With MAGA-Themed Children’s Book

Trump dweeb Kash Patel wrote a children’s book in order to indoctrinate children into the MAGA movement, using the Steele dossier and the investigations into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia. The book is an odd attempt at historical revision of the first few years of Trump’s presidency, especially with blatant references to Russia, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and other real-life figures with poorly crafted pseudonyms.

“Kash Patel, a former Republican aide on the House intelligence committee who Donald Trump weighed installing as deputy CIA director, is publishing a children’s book on Monday that perpetuates the false claim the Steele dossier sparked investigations into Russian collusion. The book features characters such as “King Donald” and his enemy “Hillary Queenton”. In the book, titled “The Plot Against the King” and set to be published by Brave Books, Patel repeats Trump’s false claim that the FBI began investigating links between his campaign and Russia based on a dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British spy. The 35-page tome, complete with an epilogue that details Donald Trump’s false claims about the FBI inquiry, bizarrely uses the tool of children’s fictional characters to provide a revisionist account of the probe that dogged the first two years of the Trump presidency and eventually led to a special counsel investigation.”

2 thoughts on “Trump Stooge Wants To Indoctrinate Kids With MAGA-Themed Children’s Book

    1. Hello Ali. It is all about banning what they don’t like and forcing kids to learn the maga conservative way. The love indoctrination when it comes to their churches and the things they believe, but they hate having kids learn things like fairness, being nice, equality, diversity, and anything that is progressive in life. The weird thing is these people do not realize what they are doing is what the wealthy want so the people don’t tax them and they can make more profit. These people are rushing into the Republican agenda because of their racism and bigotry. Hugs

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