REUTERS: “It is hell there”: Ukraine’s Donbas region “destroyed” a s Russia steps up strikes

“It is hell there”: Ukraine’s Donbas region “destroyed” as Russia steps up strikes
Russian forces have bombarded areas of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas from land and air, killing at least 13 civilians, Ukraine’s military said on Friday, and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said the assaults had turned the region into “hell.”

Read in Reuters:

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3 thoughts on “REUTERS: “It is hell there”: Ukraine’s Donbas region “destroyed” a s Russia steps up strikes

  1. The scope of destruction, loss of life and the inexcusable (yet predictable) action by Russia.
    A person’s reaction to these events will be for years ahead a way in which their personality, politics and general outlook will be judged.

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    1. Hello Roger I agree. As a person I believe that because we have the ability to stop the death and destruction of human life, we have a responsibility to do so. Yes in Ukraine in this war, but everywhere the people are suffering and in need. Yes Yemen, but also feeding the hungry around the world, helping immigrants both those moving and those staying. If we make the places they are leaving better they won’t need to move. In a world with this much wealth, especially in the US, it should be a crime to have hungry children with no food, people sleeping in cars or on the streets. Sorry for the rant, I am just thinking what a wonderful world it would be if people really cared about each other. Hugs

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      1. Despite being locked into the ‘Realism’ Side of International Relations and a ‘Same as it Ever Was’ outlook as regards War and Conflict on other levels I agree with you Scottie.
        There is so much suffering and depredation around the world. This should not be so. We should have learnt by now.

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