White Bully Chokes Out Racial Minority & Gets LIGHTER Punishment Than His Victim

This is the country the rabid right wants to create, where the white people get to attack and mistreat the non-white people.    The right wants a 1940s / 1950s world where blacks and minorities knew their place and stayed there.   We are losing what it means to be a country of laws and equal opportunities to become a raciest country of white privilege.  US apartheid?  Hugs

An Indian-American student who was bullied and choked out by one of his white classmates actually received a harsher punishment for the assault than the white student. The school blamed the Indian-American student for provoking the altercation even though videos show that he played no role in being the aggressor of the attack

“In a video circulating online, Shaan Pritmani can be seen being assaulted and choked by a white student in the cafeteria of Coppell Middle School in Texas on May 11. The video begins with the aggressor choking Shaan with his right arm before demanding him to stand up from his seat. “No, I’m not getting up,” Shaan replies. “There is literally no one sitting here.” The student then presses his elbow on Shaan’s neck from behind before choking him once again while dragging him away from the seat. Other students surrounding the two can be heard cheering.”

4 thoughts on “White Bully Chokes Out Racial Minority & Gets LIGHTER Punishment Than His Victim

    1. Hello Nan. I just read the article, thanks for the link. Want to hear a WordPress story?

      I got up early this morning and turned on the video computer. I couldn’t sign into my blog with that computer using any browser. I would log in and it wouldn’t show me as logged in, it would go right back to the old screen. Yet the blog was working fine on the blogging computer. So I swapped out the hard drive with a clean one and installed a new copy of windows on it. Then went to my blog and I could sign in again, so something / someone attacked that computer yesterday and stopped me from signing in this morning. Now I am installing and updating all the programs including windows. Oh well, just another attack on the world innerwebs. Hugs


      1. It puzzles me that you seem to be “attacked” so frequently. Are you still visiting/commenting on the right-wing websites? From some of your comments lately, I got the impression you had more or less given that up. I really don’t know/understand how or why these attacks happen so maybe this has nothing to do with it … but it does make one wonder.

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        1. Hello Nan. I still visit reddit and some of boards along with other places that the rabid right goes to. I read more than comment these days. I was getting far too frustrated. If a thread seems to be reasonable, I might comment. But it is more than that. If you look at sites that have lurking attackers waiting to attack visitors or have malware on them it is any popular site or one that the security is not high on. News sites used to be one of the biggest malware sites that infected computers. The criminals could put malware on the site that would infect a computer that opened the article, and the web site owner might not catch it for a while. The bad people don’t intend the malware to be there forever, just long enough to infect some computers that may spread the malware. One of the big targets is LGBTQ+ sites and you know I spend a lot of time reading on them. Haters and anti-LGBTQ+ national actors attack / plant malware because they want to hurt those people. Joe My God has constant attacks and has had to get extra security plus his site does a security check on the browsers that go to the site. As that article showed, even WordPress is a target for these people. I have to get around to closing the other blog, it has sat there enough. But what people have to understand it is not like it was in the old days where malware was bad actors trying to get money. Now it is to attack networks / open routers, install bots that work in large teams under the control of someone to do denial of service attacks or to break into other networks. What was the goal of denying me the ability to sign on to WordPress, maybe someone did not like what I was posting, or they were trying to attack a swath of WordPress users, or it was on a YouTube video I watched that was the target? It is hard to know really. I did not effect the blogging computer only the video one, so I suspect it was related to the videos somehow. Hugs

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