Video shows firefight with Russian forces

I am sorry I have to use CNN.  But there is simply no other video report I have found that is this in depth and talks about / shows this level of the situation.   So I hope those hearing impaired can hear this, the report is important, everything from the Russian revenge to the woman explaining how her husband died trying to check on the house next door.   It shows that Russia is targeting civilians not just with bombs but after that they sent firebombs as revenge.   The Russians are planting mines under the carpet in civilian homes so that when the people return, they are blown up walking across their own carpets.  How much longer are we the world going to allow this?   We have the ability to stop it.  Every old man who dies, every woman abused, every kid … it starts to become on us because we could have but did not.    

Sorry but looking back I realized that people in the small town we lived in knew I was abused.   The librarians that kept the books I was reading behind the desk for me, the one lady that suggested I read the book about a boy who was raped at home and how he tried to deal with it, they knew.   But none of them did what might have stopped it.   That is why I feel the US and other countries cannot just say they are helping by sending arms.  Yes they are keeping the books, but the little boy with bruises still goes home to be beaten, goes hungry, or is raped.   Nato and the other countries need to act.  Now.  Hugs

9 thoughts on “Video shows firefight with Russian forces

  1. Scottie, you write: We have the ability to stop it. How? I’m guessing you feel there’s more we can do than simply “sending money,” but just how far can the U.S. go? Realistically?

    (Didn’t watch video. Unlike you, I’m not particularly a video-watcher. As I think I’ve said before, I prefer reading because I can “scan” to get the message. With videos, you usually have to watch AT LEAST half of it to get the message. I often don’t even watch Brian’s entire video … and you KNOW how I like him!)


    1. Hello Nan. I think I have made it clear. First we take back the sky over Ukraine. Most of the bombs and missiles are coming from either Russia occupied Ukraine or from the black sea. It is those bombs and missiles that are killing most of the civilians. Either with our own planes and pilots or we outfit Ukraine with planes and pilots. We need to put our ships in the black sea to remind Putin he doesn’t own it. Give them something else to worry about. Then we establish a US base / airfield in the Western Ukraine. That will allow us and other western nations to deliver the military aid / humanitarian aid that Ukraine needs. Lastly put our own troops in to not only secure that base but to begin teaching the Ukrainians to use western modern equipment. We have the means and the ability, so we have the responsibility to act. It is the right thing to do.

      As for that making Russia desperate, they already are. As for Putin using a tactic nuke in Ukraine the idea is past being useful. The wind direction alone mostly blows toward Russia, but even without that it wouldn’t do Russia any tactical good, no large military targets to destroy that conventional ones don’t destroy equally well. Also at this point the west has made it clear that if Putin was to use a nuke then the west will take him out and isolate Russia worse than North Korea. Not even China would back him.

      At this point we are already shoving money and equipment to Ukraine. Russia knows this, the world knows this. We are already involved up to our eyeballs. We are simply letting this drag on and more people get hurt. And defense contractors to make more profit. Putin is trying to create fear in the Ukraine and in the world. We cannot let him do this. We must stand up to him. Hugs


      1. I do NOT want to get into an involved discussion on this … but from my understanding, the U.S. cannot get as involved as you are suggesting. Especially the air attacks. Something to do with NATO? I think we are already providing weapons and training. And, as one article said, The U.S. is working on a plan “to destroy the Black Sea Fleet” with powerful missiles in order to unblock Ukraine’s ports. But again, it’s my understanding, this has to be an action by Ukraine (with our help) because the U.S. cannot get directly involved.

        I think most everyone (especially the Ukrainians!!) want this to end asap, but so long as Russia is able to come up with whatever weapons and people it needs, it will most likely continue. Apparently, they are coming up on the short end in some areas, so that’s a good sign, but so far, not enough to back-off.

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        1. Hello Nan. No long discussion but I know of no rule or requirement that the US cannot involve themselves in a conflict that NATO is not in. We did in Syria, as did Turkey also. Hugs


          1. This probably sums things up as to why the U.S. isn’t doing more (from a CNN article):
            President Joe Biden has gone to great lengths to make clear that US forces will not enter Ukraine and engage Russia directly.
            Why’s that? As Biden told NBC News earlier this month, “That’s a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another.” In other words, the US’ entrance into the conflict has the potential to touch off a global war.

            But there’s also this: But putting troops on the ground in Ukraine, which is not a member of NATO, is a line that the US and other Western allies have not been willing to cross.

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            1. Hello Nan. Yes, it is true that from day one Biden has said no US boots on the ground. But this is already a world war. The countries around the world are either supporting Ukraine or Russia. Those supporting Ukraine are sending stuff or money to do that, those supporting Russia are buying the gas / oil that other countries are not buying and sending Russia troops and supplies. The world is sanctioning the leaders of Russia personally, confiscating their stuff, shutting down the Russian economy.

              The only thing not happening is the US military is not shooting at the Russian military. The reason is when Biden made that pledge he knew two things, Russia was a huge military superpower but that has now turned out to not be true, and that many Republicans are pro-Russia / pro-Putin and will make as much trouble for him supporting Ukraine as possible and use any dead US military as a political tool to hit the Democrats with. Same with other countries, they were thinking Russia was much more powerful than they have turned out to be. Russia’s threats scared the world into not acting. The bully threatened the bystanders not to interfere with them beating up the little guy, and the bystanders are letting the bully do it.

              Biden and the US people have to decide how much death and destruction of Ukraine and their people we can live with. Because as long as we keep letting this go and drag out we are partly responsible for the extra deaths. Hugs


            2. Hello Nan. I woke up this morning to the news Biden said the US would react militarily if China invaded Taiwan. Then the White house walked it back. Not sure who is calling the shots but it seems Biden wants to use the military in both Ukraine and Tiawan. Hugs


              1. Your reasoning on this topic (the U.S. taking a military stand) may have its merits (especially when considering human lives), but I’m just not so sure that I personally want to see it take place. As you say, Russia may not be the super-power it once was (or that Putin would like us to think), but WAR in and of itself is a nasty affair. And considering the domestic mess that the U.S. is in already, do we need this added to it?

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  2. I gave this to Ten Grain, and think you should have it too. The video was good and I’m sorry to see that the Russians are mining people’s homes. That kind of behavior goes beyond the usual brutality of war and resides firmly in the sadistic. I think the general was correct in assessing this is a conflict that have all the markings of the hopelessness of WW1. Anyway, here’s the depiction of Poo-tin…

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