Kansas Supreme Court Upholds Pro-GOP House Map

The Associated Press reports:

Kansas’ highest court on Wednesday upheld a Republican redistricting law that makes it harder for the only Democrat in the state’s congressional delegation to win reelection in a big victory for the GOP.

The state Supreme Court declined for now to declare that overly partisan gerrymandering violates the Kansas Constitution. The ruling sets district boundaries less than a month before the state’s June 10 filing deadline for congressional candidates.

The court’s opinion was two paragraphs long, saying only that the voters and voting rights group challenging the map “have not prevailed on their claims” that the map violated the state constitution and that a full opinion would come later.

Read the full article.

Photo: Kansas’s only Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids, who is Native American and openly lesbian. She flipped that House seat from red to blue in 2018.

Red state courts are allowing these gerrymandering but the blue state courts are not. Often the laws against it are the same in both red and blue states, it is just red state Republican judges no longer care about the law, it is about cementing Republican party power. Scary times folks. Hugs

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