4 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene HUMILIATED by primary opponent during disastrous debate

    1. Hello Keith. He seems like a reasonable person, someone able to focus on the policies and the process of governing. He stands no chance in districts that adore Greene and her grandstanding trolling. Hugs


  1. Up front: I do NOT like Marjorie Greene. However, simply listening to the exchange between her and her opponent did not come across as a humiliation. She spoke her piece, he countered. The commentators are the ones pointing out her flubs. But like I said, the average (Republican) voter would probably not catch this stuff … and THIS is why people like her can get elected.

    IOW, it goes back to a common topic — the average voter most likely didn’t even watch this debate.

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    1. Hello Nan. I think she embarrassed herself pretty badly. He came across as a reasonable and educated person who had a plan. She sounded like a moron who was more interested in attacking Biden / Democrats than solving the problem.

      But as you have mentioned before Brian tends to exaggerate in his titles. I imagine he does it for the click factor. It annoys me also. But I don’t feel free to alter the titles he uses either. Hugs

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