THE HILL: Republicans vow to kill domestic terrorism bill in Senate

Republicans vow to kill domestic terrorism bill in Senate
Senate Republicans are lining up against a House-passed bill that would authorize special offices within the government to investigate and monitor domestic terrorism, which is being pushed in the wake of a racist shooting in Buffalo that left 10 people dead.

Read in The Hill:

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5 thoughts on “THE HILL: Republicans vow to kill domestic terrorism bill in Senate

    1. Hello Nan. The only things that pass in congress is what the big money donors want done. As those donors buy both parties, they get what they want. The public gets nothing because we cannot buy our elected office holders we can only vote for them. But it is more than blocking the Democrats that makes the Republicans want to prevent this. They worked to keep the Obama administration from having the DOJ recognize the threat of radical white extremism back then. They fight this because that is their base and a lot of them are openly racist and support the replacement theory spewed by Tucker Carlson and that rabid right. Look how many of them spoke at the recent racist America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC). That event was organized by Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist who started the event in 2020. Fuentes attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in 2017. Back when Steve king was open about only white people were civilized and created civilization, we all thought he was an odd one out, now we see the majority of the party is racist. Hugs

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