New Jersey GOP Senator Intros “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

New York City’s CW affiliate reports:

A New Jersey Republican introduced legislation that would prohibit teachers from bringing LGBTQ-related instruction into classrooms from kindergarten through sixth grade.

The bill, proposed by State Senator Edward Durr, is even more restrictive than the Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Seventh through 12th grade students only be exposed to LGBTQ topics if consent is given by a parent under Durr’s proposal.

If the bill is passed, parents would be allowed to sue schools that employ educators who violate the law by incorporating topics such sexual orientation or gender identity into the curriculum without a parent’s consent.

Changing America reports:

“Any student whose parent or guardian does not provide prior written consent shall be excused from that portion of the course where such instruction is provided and no penalties as to credit or graduation shall result therefrom,” reads a portion of the bill introduced by state Sen. Edward Durr.

Durr, a Republican and former commercial truck driver made headlines last year when he defeated former New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) — at that time one of the most powerful elected officials in the state.

If a school district or employee “knowingly violates” the proposed law, the state Office of the Attorney General may seek an injunction.

The bill has zero chance of passing.

Durr, who famously spent less than $100 on his campaign, was exposed after being elected for a history of racist social media posts. He then issued the standard “sorry if anybody was offended” fauxpology.


Brian Green • 2 days ago • edited

It was tough growing up gay in small town America in the 70s, there was still next
no societal support, much less family, and I’m not going to lie, it left me with a number of scars.

These past 20 years, we’ve come so far! It felt good to see the work that all of us who came before did paying off in increasing acceptance and equality. It felt good to know that we were paving the way, making it easier for young people to come out with less fear or shame.

And now this…..And tens if not hundreds of thousands of gay youth are once again being told in the news media that they under attack, being told that they are somehow something shameful or wrong, that they do not deserve to be treated as their heterosexual classmates are.

Obviously, none of us are happy with the direction this country has been headed of late, and the need to continue to fight for equality is now more important than ever.

What’s breaking my heart right now is I know how hard all this anti-LGBTQ stuff is on our children. A child who has an inkling at 8 or 9 or 10 that they are LGBTQ, who is living in one of these states trying to pass these laws, is growing up learning to hide who they really are out of fear and shame.

The lawmakers who are pushing these discriminatory laws are 100% guilty of child abuse… there will be more broken lives, more kids killing themselves because of these people.

Sorry so verbose… just really needed to vent.

Brian Green AyJayDee • 2 days ago

While there has always been something of a backlash against our community for every gain we’ve made, I honestly think the current hate surge has more to do with courting conservative voters than really having a moral objection to the queer community… The people using us as a wedge issue know better and are merely triggering bigoted voters by spotlighting us. More “practical” than revenge, though certainly you are correct that some fall into that category.

S1AMER • 2 days ago

We’ll be seeing many more such bills introduced in state legislatures in the coming months, and in many other states (not NJ) they will pass.

And each bill, as it comes along, will be worse than the one before.

Damn Republicans for many reasons, but double-damn them for picking on kids as a GOTV tactic.

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