AZ Extremist Vows To “Hunt” LGBTQs At Target Stores

This is what you get when you have religious leaders and politicians spreading hate and anger against a minority population.    Hugs

Brody Levesque writes for the Los Angeles Blade:

A twenty-four year old right-wing extremist based in the metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona area, Ethan Schmidt, posted a short video of himself accompanied by Kyle Clifton who describes himself as “authoritarian Christian nationalist,” driving in an undisclosed area announcing that he and Clifton will be “hunting ‘LGBT supporters” and people in area Target retail stores. Last Fall Schmidt posed with Trump endorsed Republican candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake as he burned a LGBTQ+ Pride flag.

Read the full article.

Schmidt previously appeared on JMG when he harassed cancer patients at a wig store for wearing masks.

In January, he was banned from the Arizona Capitol after harassing a black lawmaker, saying that his mask was a “slave muzzle.”

In February, he earned national headlines when he berated store employees for selling Black History Month items.

Earlier this month he was detained after his group harassed abortion rights protesters and his accomplice was arrested for assault.

According to the Tucson Sentinel, Schmidt is currently awaiting trial for DUI. In a video posted to Reddit, Schmidt can be seen flaunting his ankle monitor.

His “anti-maskers club” still has a YouTube account. You know what to do.

3 thoughts on “AZ Extremist Vows To “Hunt” LGBTQs At Target Stores

  1. So weary to read of people like him and the unbridled hate and ignorance he and the like spews. Sickness? Genes? A need for attention? What the hell is behind people like him.

    Take care. Hugs and cheers, M

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    1. Hello Michael. I agree with you, they seem to be growing in numbers. Back in the 1960s I could have blamed it on leaded gas or they ate lead filled paint chips. Maybe whatever is causing it is in the water?

      But I really think it comes from incomplete incorrect education and politicians that tell them the ones that are different from them are demons, not real people and they will destroy everything these jerks love. That is what the Republicans are doing now. Right wing media is constantly shouting fear, be afraid of the other. These people who grew up entitled and not taught the true history of the country, not taught the country is secular, and told they have rights others don’t have then react this way. I look back over the progressive movement and how it expanded social understanding and equality but took a long time to achieve. Then I think how quickly the haters moved to undo all of it. And they are proud of themselves.

      Private schools were started so racist white parents could make sure their kids grew up racist in all white schools. Home schooling grew big in the 1980s so religious parents could keep their kids ignorant of science, biology, evolution, and geology that might cast doubt on their religion. Now maga fascism is being pushed openly by Republicans to return the country to the 1940s – 1950s to undo social progress and remove rights. The supreme court is removing a right women had almost 50 years because of religion based on the writings of a lawyer from the 1600s. That is supported and cheered by a segment of the population that sees women as objects to be controlled for the male’s pleasure. Again supported by the right wing media and politicians. That is leading to these extremists in my opinion. Hugs

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      1. I agree. The conservative side does as well, as we see in the battle over textbooks that started way back in the 1990s and is still ongoing. The other thing the right-wing fully understands and practices, as you allude, is repetition: say it loud and often, no matter how many times it’s disproven. Cheers

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