Top Republican infuriates his OWN party with stunning admission on air

He lists the taxes he claims poor or retired people don’t pay but if they buy something they pay the tax.  They don’t get to skip it; he is lying to make it seem the good Republican base pays all the taxes and no one else does.  Second he says there is low worker participation, but it is the lowest unemployment is a very long time, so he is lying again.  But mostly listen to what he says about wanting to force people back to work.   The people he wants to force back to work are the disabled and the seniors in retirement.  To do that he wants to cut their income and tax the remaining bit they get.  Why?   Because employers in the US love and need a desperate work force struggling to survive that will take any low paying job under any harsh conditions so they can eat / live.   Remember who Rick Scott is, a multimillionaire who stole from Medicaid to become wealthy. When he was governor of Florida he ruined the unemployment system so it wouldn’t work, which caught the state in the ass when Covid shut everything down.   He tried to privatize everything he could and slashed taxes on the wealthy and corporations by moving the burden of funding the state to the lower incomes, adding to their already crushing burden.   Hugs  

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