Ron and I are laid low by the booster. But feeling better as the morning goes on.

It is going to be a long day.  I may not be at the computer much.   Ron is moving better than I but not well.   We both have taken the two main shots of Moldova, and the first booster.   We had no negative reactions.   Never bothered either of us a bit.   

Yesterday we went at noon and got the second booster.   By evening Ron said that the spot he got the shot was swelling and it was hurting.   Mine was still OK.  No problem.   In the middle of the night I woke up in trouble.   I was running a fever, I had chills and was shivering, my arm with the shot was swollen and hurt bad (remember I take medication for pain), and I was having body aches so bad I had to take more medication to just to stand it.  Then by the time the sun came up the muscle spasms started.  

Ron woke up and told me he was having the same.    The good news he said he looked it up and that meant it was working for us.   Really little comfort I can tell you.    I am sipping my coffee and not moving much.  For me sitting letting the pain medication work is the best and helping a lot, for Ron it is moving around and puttering on things.   Both Ron and I are feeling better but I think it will be a long slow day for us with naps.  Drinking coffee helps get rid of the chills.   He says it should go away in a day or so.   I still recommend the boosters just lay in a supply of feel better stuff.     I will say that Odie came in during the night and moved up to my chest and pushed into me as a way to say he knew I did not feel well.   But after a short while it hurt too much to have him there and I moved him to the middle / lower end of the bed.   Hugs

7 thoughts on “Ron and I are laid low by the booster. But feeling better as the morning goes on.

    1. Hello Michael. I agree. Already most of the symptoms I was feeling during the night have passed. I admit I am not feeling top notch but the fever, chills, aches, are gone and even the pain in the shot site has diminished to only hurting when touched. I am a strong believer in vaccines. I trust the medical scientists and the CDC who say we should get the shot. The pharmacist who gave them to us said it was not good how many people are skipping them and said it could be one reason Covid is coming back again in our area. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. Ron has gone back to bed. I am feeling really tired, so I may join him in a bit. But as Michael says the vaccines may make you feel bad for a short time but it is far better than getting Covid itself. Hugs

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    2. Hello Nan. I woke up this morning with a huge very painful swelling under the arm I got the shot in. Dr. Google (the doctor for poor people) says relating to Covid it is due to a lymph node swelling due to the Covid shot as the body produces. As Ron says my system is fragile and I am immunocompromised which also can cause it. Dr. Google says it should go away in a week or two and to use warm moist compresses and pain medication. Hugs

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