Gross Republican Takes His Hood Off Talking About Maternal Mortality Rates

Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy took his hood off during an interview about his state having the highest rate of maternal mortality in the country, saying that Louisiana’s maternal mortality rate isn’t all that bad if you “correct out population for race”. So by neglecting all of the Black and other POC populations and only focusing on white people, things aren’t that bad according to Cassidy.

“Republican Senator Bill Cassidy gave a jaw-dropping answer to a question about the maternal mortality rate in his home state of Louisiana, pointing out — among other things — that it’s not so bad if you don’t count all the Black women. Cassidy sat for a lengthy interview with Politico Reporter Sarah Owermohle, who asked Cassidy about a variety of health-related subjects, including the Justice Samuel Alito-authored draft opinion that would overturn the constitutionally right to abortion should it become final. But early in the interview, Owermohle drew out a startling response from Cassiday when she asked about the high rate of maternal mortality in Louisiana. He pointed out that his state’s maternal mortality rate is not an “outlier” if you “correct our population for race,” and also said that some definitions of maternal mortality include “someone being killed by her boyfriend””

4 thoughts on “Gross Republican Takes His Hood Off Talking About Maternal Mortality Rates

  1. Scottie, when I raised the issue about five years ago with several senators that the US leads the pack in the western world in maternal mortality rates, some were concerned. The worst states tend to be those who did not expand Medicaid under the ACA, but that might be a correlation due to states that feel it is important to help with access to care, have too many food deserts and much less pre-natal care tend to have higher maternal mortality rates. This is not the kind of exceptionalism that Americans want to hear about. Let’s put it in basic terms – the likelihood of a mother dying from child birth is greater in the United States than in other modern countries. And, Louisiana leads the way. Reporters and constituents should demand answers from senators like Mr. Cassidy as well as those in other states. He should not be allowed to blow smoke at his constituents. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. The thing that stood out to me was discussed in the video that he out right dismissed the death of black females from childbirth. He actually said that if you remove the black women from the statistics then the state had a normal birth mortality rate. The open disregard for black people and open racism is stunning to me from these elected officials. It was not too long ago that Steven King was a pariah for saying the quiet part out loud. Now they all do that.

      Your points are spot on. The right cannot seem to grasp that the US is not the best country in the world, and that the US has problems. That comes from corporations / the wealthy not wanting the people in the US to see / understand how much better the people in other advanced countries have it, because that might cost them money in taxes or regulations. I have posted the clip from that TV show about a newsroom called The Newsroom and the anchor who is asked if the US is still #1 in the world. The clip is old now but he unloads with data that shows the reality. Hugs


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