They missed …

Hello Ten Bears. I thank you for the link and I strongly suggest everyone go to the page at the link. It gives the information known so far about the shooting in an easy-to-read short manner. I am stunned at how much weaponry and ammo the guy had. I still don’t know why he crashed his truck, but that seems to have stopped a lot of carnage as he couldn’t carry all the weapons / ammo with him on foot. As he is dead, I wonder if we will ever know what set him off, but we do know that if he had not had those weapons there wouldn’t be 19 dead kids, two dead teachers, and a lot more injured fighting for their lives in the hospitals. Hugs

Homeless on the High Desert

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2 thoughts on “They missed …

  1. Thanks for the traffic Scottie. I don’t want to get too caught up in the gun aspect of this one; yeah, there were a lot of ’em, and it could have been a lot worse. But there’s something here that more often than not is a reich-winger talking point, loses credence thus: I know that kid. No no no, never met seen or heard of him before, but as the product of mid-fifties promiscuous pregnancy and sixties serial Southern California divorce, the bastard nobody wanted, raised by my grandma whose pleading I denied … I know that kid. I know what the next forty-nine years of his life would look like. Just another kid lost in the system, a waif, if we had a war on be cannon fodder, Didn’t make it …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I admit I did not think of the home life of the boy. And that is wrong. I have to remember that science says that 18 year old’s do not have fully developed brains and depending on what happened in their lives growing up they could be very immature or have a lot of mental health / anger issues. It seems the government of this country neglects the people who need help the most. And yes the innocent are harmed in the making of the profits. Hugs

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