Benham Brothers: Only Jesus Can Stop Mass Shootings

The Benham brothers write on Facebook:

There’s not enough “gun laws” on earth to turn a young man from a predator to a protector. But there is a King, whose name is Jesus, that can step into the heart of a man and change him from the inside out. Unfortunately, we don’t want this King.

Our nation glorifies everything that stands against King Jesus and His Kingdom fruit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. As a result, we’re losing our young men and have lost the soul of our nation.

The radical Left says it’s all about the guns – but it’s the heart that holds the gun! A gun in the hand of a good man brings peace and protection, but a gun in the hand of a bad man brings pain and destruction. Our nation has a heart problem – not a gun problem.

Exalt Jesus once again. Teach our young men to deny themselves, become men of God, and fight against evil instead of perpetrate it. Our boys need to be called up to something much higher than video games, binge shows, and porn! There’s so much more…in Christ.

Let’s do our part as we grieve with the families in TX today. Let’s look at our own kids, our sphere of influence, our churches and schools…and let’s call these young men to lay down their lives, bow to Jesus, and pick up His cross and follow Him. Until then, this path of destruction will never stop.

Longtime JMG readers will recall that the Benham brothers were once regulars here, starting in 2014 when they lost their planned HGTV show after activists informed the network about their history of anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ activism, which included annual attempts to force the cancellation of Charlotte Pride.

The pair last appeared here in 2017 when they declared that God murders people with hurricanes in order to force America to repent for “satanic” same-sex marriage (and homosexuality in general).

Their father is notorious anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ activist Flip Benham, who has been convicted multiple times for stalking and threats.

When his sons lost their HGTV show, he declared that the network’s acronym stands for “Homosexual Garbage Television” and that gays are the “most violent community” in the nation and that they want all Christians dead.

Jonathan Smith • 2 days ago

“Only Jesus Can Stop Mass Shootings”
Well, hes doing a pretty shit job at it, isn’t he?


5 thoughts on “Benham Brothers: Only Jesus Can Stop Mass Shootings

  1. This — A gun in the hand of a good man brings peace and protection — has no logical relationship to “the faith.” A TRUE believer would not have a “gun in the hand” because JESUS is their protector!

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    1. Hello Nan. There is something creepy about these two and their father. I get serious bad vibes from them. But the thing that drives me nuts is the talk of legal gun owners, good guy with a gun, because they are all legal good guys who have not broken the laws … Until they commit the crime with the gun. Until they shoot up a school or store, they are the ones the politicians say it hurts them to enact gun laws because they are law abiding taxpayers who have a second amendment rights. Every gun owner claims they are the responsible gun owner, until they are not. So that is why those talking points might sound good and work with the cult base but make no sense. Hugs


      1. OK … so let’s give these gun nuts the benefit of the doubt … BUT take away their AR-15 play toys so they won’t be tempted if things happen to go ballistic in their lives.

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        1. Hello Nan. As I wrote to Keith, how is it that owning guns has now become the sign you live in a free country? Guns equal freedom? Canada is no longer a free democratic country I guess, nor New Zealand nor any other country with strict gun laws. I thought freedom was because of democracy, a government by the people for the people, a system of justice for all and a country that follows the rules of law. I thought freedom was due to the constitution. Nope a really free country is one with unrestricted gun ownership and not wearing face masks. That is the mark of a free country. Hugs

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          1. Haven’t you noticed by now? Republicans have their own definitions/outlook for lots of things in this country. And for all intents and purposes, THEIR versions are the only “correct” ones …😠

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